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  • TwoUpTwoDown - Love this book!As someone who's read a ton of relationship books, both written from a spiritual and a secular perspective, I find this book extremely helpful for learning to meet new people and dating. Some secular books teach you how to "play the game-" whether or not they want to admit that, while some spiritual books offer no practical advice for singles on how to meet people. I personally was not familiar with a lot of the advice in the book but this book is written in a way that made me feel empowered. It's realistic advice that I think will work (I'm still single but I'm meeting more people!) If you've reached a dry spell in your dating life, pick up this refreshing book!
  • Kevin Floore - When Pigs FlyAnimals is my favorite Pink Floyd album because it has so many dimensions. This is an album that one could sit and think about for hours or listen to while mopping the kitchen floor. Animals is a short album, only five songs and under forty-five minutes long, but contains more genius in the lyrics and music than most of today's ninety minute compilation discs. The thought-provoking lyrics and songs in Animals show Roger Waters at his creative best, while the guitar and other music in the album show the talents of Dave Gilmour and the rest of Pink Floyd.
    To call anything Pink Floyd made "underrated" is unfair. The band was one of the most popular groups of the seventies, and holds two albums on the Top Twenty Best Selling Albums of all time. However, Animals never got the public press it deserved, mainly due to the fact that none of the songs off the album could be played on the radio as singles. The five songs on the album are either under two minutes or more than ten, which does not appeal to everyone. Also, this album came between the two of the band's biggest albums, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. The production of Animals rivals that of Dark Side of the Moon, and Animals is an excellent example of Pink Floyd's creative and musical genius, which can be seen just by looking in the liner note artwork.
    The signature of Pink Floyd, however, is not their notoriety but their music. Animals contains five brilliant songs that with masterful guitar and drums and thought provoking lyrics. My favorite lines are found in the seventeen-minute masterpiece "Dogs," a bitter satire on money-hungry business people. These lines play on the life of these people, like "... In the end you'll pack up, fly down south, and hide your head in the sand; just another sad old man, all alone and dying of cancer." Another interesting lyrical point in the album is the numerous references to "the Stone." One could ponder the meaning of such mentions, or just enjoy the music. Also, the guitar solos in Animals, especially on "Dogs" and Sheep," will have you convinced that Dave Gilmour is the best guitarist of all time.
    Although it is not as heavily drug influenced as earlier Pink Floyd Albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Animals has its own distinct sound and feel, as well as noteworthy lyrics and guitar. I would recommend this album to anyone with the capacity for abstract thought, and I would tell him or her to be prepared to find themselves astonished at the creativity and savvy wit of Pink Floyd.
  • Laurie - My Husband Loves His Pillow!We have spent a minor fortune on every pillow under the sun since my husband got allergies after sinus issues and several surgeries. Most 'special' pillows have cost just as much, if not more, than 'My Pillow'. Every different pillow shape and different fills have quickly moved into our linen closet. That was until 'My Pillow'. It was worth every penny. He's even taken it on vacation. My husband is a pretty large man with broad shoulders and is a side sleeper. This pillow lets him sleep without rolling up the pillow or using two pillows to get the right position. And, no more stiff necks because it keeps his head at the correct angle. While it helped with snoring, it didn't fix the issue totally. But, he gets a great night's sleep with no pain in the morning. It hasn't broken down yet, either!