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  • C. Monetti - Smart, engaging, wonderful!I opened this book to glance over the first page (my litmus test) and 24 hours later, I had finished it. I am not a fan of Southern Silly Lit (Sweet Potato Queen et al) and let me assure you that is NOT this book. Instead, it is intelligent and engaging, a beautifully written, smartly crafted story that just happens to be true.

    Jeannie Ralston is a wonderful writer and I thank her for sharing her farm, her family, her entrepreneurial spirit and her colorful story with me. Get a glass of wine, settle in with this book and before you know it, you, too, will be wandering through the lavender fields.
  • deadweather - best probioticI was diagnosed with Gastroparesis nearly a year ago, and since then I've tried a bunch of different probiotics (in addition to my medications) trying to find something that will make me feel somewhat better. Before Align, I was using Digestive Advantage Gas Defense Formula - it worked for a while if I took 2 a day but stopped being effective after about a month. With the Gastroparesis, I have horrible bloating, stomach pain, chest pain, nausea, chronic constipation, intestinal blockages, intestines constantly filling up with air, horrible pressure on stomach and intestines, and an extremely limited diet (basically I can eat things like baby food, cooked carrots, squash, broth-based soup, jello, baked apples without the skin, pudding and white rice, and no more than 1/2 cup of anything at a time..I can't eat anything that is high in fiber, has a tough skin, any leafy greens, raw fruits/vegetables or most cooked fruits/vegetables, anything fried or with a lot of fat, etc). I am also lactose intolerant and am sensitive to gluten.

    The first week on Align was AWFUL - my waist is normally 22.5" and for over a week I was so bloated and puffy that my waist measured 27". I was extremely uncomfortable and was having bad chest pains and stomach pains, and bad gas (embarassing!), but my doctor told me to tough it up for at least three weeks before I made a decision about whether or not I wanted to continue.

    I'm about to start my sixth week of Align and have never felt better! I still have the extremely limited diet/can only eat very small portions, but pretty much all of my other symptoms are completely gone. Once my body got used to the Align, the bloating/pain/gas went away; I am no longer constantly nauseous and bloated and no longer feel like I'm going to explode because of pressure build up. My bowels are completely normal for the first time basically in my whole life and for the first time in almost two years I am able to go out and do things with my friends without having extreme anxiety about possible GI problems.

    Align has been a total lifesaver and I hope that it doesn't stop working like the Digestive Advantage did. As long as I am very strict about my diet, I feel about as normal and healthy as is possible for me. Before Align, I was very depressed and did not know how much longer I would be able to deal with the constant pain, nausea and discomfort. I am so thankful for Align and am relieved that my doctor persuaded me to continue taking it regardless of how bad it initially made me feel.

    I would recommend this to anyone who has any sort of GI problem.
  • Cindy MELKI "Risen" - Mind-blowing double meaningIf Mr. Horn intended it, then he's a genius. And if he didn't, he still has written an invaluable book.
    Intended what, will you ask.
    Writing with so much passion, research and minute details about the "gods" of antiquity, and their current "offspring", one gets so RIVETED by story that one actually begins to truly believe that for a religion (under the umbrella of "pagan") to have survived for so long, then it must truly be the one religion to follow.

    One discovers that, indeed, "mainstream" christianity, i.e. as derived from the Nicean council, is nothing but a parody, a remake of an older, anti-deluvian way of life, way of worship, all elements are here. Jesus is indeed Osiris (also born Dec 25th from a virgin), the catholic cult of the Virgin Mary is a remake of the Isis worship, the "saints" are a reflexion of the gods' Pantheon, the whole symbology in fact is interchangeable, only the actual "deities"' names are different.

    Through this book, Mr. Horn clearly demonstrates the superiority of the human being willing to attain his highest nature, versus the human being lulled to sleep and oblivion by some organization (the church) that deflects the High Quest through forcing the worship of a man (Jesus), making him, hollywood-style, an idol, a god, an appollo, and then cannibalizing him (termed "holy communion")to incorporate his essence (also a pagan custom).

    After masterfully juggling the words and nuances, Mr. Horn leads one to discover for himself that all is a question of terminology, but that the archetypes per se are still the same since the dawn of humanity.

    And considering that, one reaches the inevitable conclusion that what is termed "antichrist" (or Seth, or Satan, or Lucifer) by some could well be the Christ/Osiris/ Appolo of others..

    And although the book does not, in its scope, induce one to make a choice, its overall energy calls one to surpass himself and indeed become shackle-free.. We are all our own Appolyons if we chose to follow the link with Source.

    This is the perfected human being, this is the destiny, evolution of humankind, to become our own Appolos and reject any other outside authority, because, and make no mistake about it, whether Christ, Antichrist, Osiris, Seth, Appolo or any other name, these are not actual persons that are going to appear at the end-times. The only Christ/Lucifer there ever was is the human being and his destiny of remembrance from ape-like to god-like.

    "Jesus answered, Is it not written in your Law, I said, You are gods?" (John 10:34)
  • J. Penney - Billy is truly a mensch!It's nice that Billy shares his life with others and can make us laugh. He has met and befriended so many famous people and kept their friendship over the years, and through it all he remains the same person. He's happily married and has two lovely daughters with wonderful families too. He speaks of everyone in a lovely way...and continues to be humorous throughout the book. It's a very warm, lovely book.