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  • Chaddoman - Amazon treats customers better than OEMs.Very good price. Norton, like so many other companies, overcharges it's loyal customers for subscription renewals. I prefer to let those subscriptions run out and then simply buy new software from Amazon at a much more reasonable price. Download simple and fast. Installed without a problem. Why should Norton and other companies reward existing, loyal customers with ridiculously overpriced yearly renewal fees. Really, is that any way to treat good customers?
  • Dave - Fantastic!The Kindle Fire HD is amazing, especially considering the price! Some of the other tablets I looked at were 4x as much as this one. It does everything I need and much more. The battery life is superb. I can watch Amazon Prime movies on it, game, surf the web, etc. for hours before needing to recharge. I am very happy with this purchase. Amazon delivers another solid product!
  • MiDAT "Algebra Tutor" - Excellent SAT Prep BookThis book does an excellent job of explaining how the SAT exam is structured, and the strategies to use in order to maximize your score. I can tell you from experience as a tutor that these strategies work, but must be practiced in order to become proficient. They are typically not taught in high school although most are applicable when taking other tests/quizzes.
    There are concept reviews,tips, hints, as well as, commonly seen vocabulary words. The practice tests have the problems worked out so the student can see where they went off-track. If you want to improve your SAT or ACT scores, then get the Cracking books from Princeton Review....well worth the investment if you will put in the effort.