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City: Travnik, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The B "Classic Rock Guru" - Greatest Concept Album EverThis is the album I recommend if you want to get started on Pink Floyd. It has many hits, and the music is extremely melodic and catchy. I used to not understand Pink Floyd's appeal, but this album got me curious about them. Since there is 26 tracks, I will review the highlights of this album.

    In the Flesh? - awesome opening track! Edgy, powerful, and the guitars are incredible. There is no better way to open an album...

    Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick.. - you've heard this song. It is everywhere. I like it with the "Happiest Days" intro because it just leads into "Another Brick" so well.

    Mother - great song. The music is just flawless on this...

    Young Lust - one of my favorite songs on the album. It is a steady song that flat out rocks.

    Hey You - awesome song and one of Floyd's most popular. Very well done...

    Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd's best song. It is perfect from beginning to end, and I personally think it is one of the greatest songs of all time. And that is the best title for a song!

    Run Like Hell - an awesome rocker. A popular Floyd song that is often covered...

    There are many short songs that help with the feel of the album, and are quite awesome to listen to (The Thin Ice, Vera, etc..)The Wall movie, as weird as it is, really helps you understand the concept of the album. It is one of my favorites..a absolute pleasure to listen to from beginning to end. If you are new to Pink Floyd, start here.
  • L. S. Lewis - The missing pieceIn my recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, I had hit a wall concerning personal relationships. The insanity continued, I could no longer deny that my way was not working. This book is the perfect guidance material to implement into my current program. How refreshing it was to discover my problems were not unique to me!! The book describes Love Addicts, the book describes me. Thank God for Pia Mellody's motivation to publish.

    Without this book, I'd be lost at sea without a life preserver. With it, there's hope. If you're curious, try it... a little reading never hurt nobody ;)