Plavix DNA test, Clopidogrel Genetic test - Theranostics Laboratory - Theranostics is web-based DNA testing company. Offering genetic tests for clopidogrel (Plavix) and warfarin (coumadin) and statins.

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City: Auckland, Auckland

  • Dave M. "Mount Buyer" - Great GPS especially for the moneyEasy to use, perfect size display.

    A little slow sometimes acquiring satellites, but doesn't drift off course once it does, unlike the fancy system in my Ford Edge that sometimes loses track of where we are, and almost always it seems just before we have to make a turn.

    Highly recommend this unit, which replaced a many years old Garmin that finally gave up the ghost.
  • Norris G. - Great ProductThis "Polaroid 32 GB CL10 micro SDHC Flash Memory Cards for Tablet PCs and Smartphones", is a truly good product. This SD card is of very good quality and it is fast for "Reading and Writing" to and from and holds a ton of info, i have 1,219 songs, 3 full length movies, 600 pictures and a boatload of apps on this SD memory card for my new "Tablet" and all works perfectly and my "Tablet" reads the info fast and without any problems what so ever. I will be buying More of these "Polaroid 32 GB CL10 micro SDHC Flash Memory Cards for Tablet PCs and Smartphones" very soon. These cards are "Class 10 SD Cards, which is the best for reading and writing to a Tablet" I recommend this product 100%. Thanks
  • JH "hobbs_tx" - No ComplaintsNorton seems to be working fine for me. I have no issues with Internet Explorer or Outlook. I haven't noticed any increased crashing on my computer even while playing games. Installation time was very reasonable and quicker than McAfee. I switched from McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012 - 3 Users [Old Version]. When I did my first check, Norton identified a virus on my wife's laptop that was removed. Norton 360 has lots of little features, more than I'll probably use.
  • Avery - Awesome Book!I teach a video class at a small private school and this book is on the recommended read list and next year it will be required reading. The quick-start guide "12 Easy Ways to Make Your Video Better Now" is a great introduction to the rest of the book. The book is light on the technical and heavy on the useful. This is a great book for my students and anyone wanting to shoot good video. The chapters are short, to the point, and easy to read. The book is entertaining and informative. I should use the book as a guide to do a video review.
    Thanks Steve for making videography fun again!
  • andrea easley - Better than you readPurchased our pillows last year at the O.C. Fair, LOVE them. A friend researched them and found all these bad reviews...I am extremely picky, and I don't have anything bad to say. They do not smell. They are not loud (not sure why someone said that) We just bought 2 more, for our kids, because they have been begging us for one. LOVE THESE PILLOWS