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  • H. Rhyne - One of the best end times booksThis book is very compelling. John Shorey uses a ton of scripture throughout to back up his thoughts. It is very insightful. I can tell the Holy Spirit was working in him when he wrote this. Many teachers and writers on this subject have a lot of academic knowledge but little revelation - that is not the case with this book. If this is a subject you care about you should definetly get this book.I don't agree 100% with his views, but these are small differences. I believe he has the big picture right.
  • Rob "Do-it-yourselfer" - The best I've tried so far !I had purchased a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet ( check my review on that product ) but was not impressed by it at first. The bundled software was hideous and so is Artrage2 which I also bought. Then I started checking out the Sketchbook reviews and decided to give its 15 day free trial a go and Voila! My tablet now has life! Sketchbook is so easy to use I made my first full digital painting WITHOUT ever looking at the tutorials. I went in head first and came out very pleased. I have included my first painting to show you all the ease of this wonderfull product. Everybody says Photoshop is the way to go but with Adobes $600-&800 price tag I just cannot justify paying that much for a freaking CD, I dont care if it prints money! Autodesk is affordable, powerfull and easy to use from beginner to pro. What more can you ask from a product? I highly recommend this and will purchase it myself soon as my trial will be ending in a few days. I cannot wait until I get a Wacom Cintiq 21 and use it with Sketchbook, my mouth drools thinking about what I'll be able to produce.
  • hipolito - Theeee BestThis product is versatile, examples: I used it as a cleanser, a conditioner and a leave in. Best bang for your buck in my opinion. Has great slip, so detangling was a breeze. Smells yummy, leaves hair feeling very soft and for all the naturals that don't really have the time or energy to create every single thing in the kitchen( lol ), this product is a blessing!
  • morbius2k10 - Buy it here, do NOT renew with McAfeeI bought a 3-license version of this in 2011, when my subscription was almost up (30 days left), the application told me so and directed me to renew on the McAfee website. DO NOT DO THIS!!! Once there, I saw the renewal would be $50, when I asked their customer service, they told me that was actually for only 1 PC, the other two would be additional $30, so $80 to renew a product I bought initially with 1 year subscription for $20 on sale at a local store. While on the phone with them, I pulled up Amazon and found this product. The same thing I bought in 2011, but the 2012 version, 3-license included, 1 year subscription included, for much, much less. I asked McAfee if they price match and the woman on the other end told me in broken english that I should not trust any web site other than theirs to buy from. I told her Amazon is well known, she said the only way it would work is if I bought it from them. I hung up, bought this one, received it in about 3 days, went to install it and it just told me to type the new product key. Then it added a year to my original subscription and that was that for all 3 machines, saving about $60 over renewing. I highly reccommend doing this each year instead, much better deal.
  • Shady Ave Reader - The Traveler's FriendWhenever I fly I always pack a can of this wonder stuff in each piece of my luggage. As we all know, so many bags look alike. How often do you get to your hotel, only to find you have walked away with the wrong bag, and are forced to wear a stranger's underwear for the rest of the trip? We've all been there right? So when that confusing luggage starts whirling around the baggage claim carousel I just whip out my Geiger Counter and let the uranium go to work for me. I merely wait for those comforting clicks (and after longer flights look for the glowing hot spot) and I know I have found my bags. Occasionally airlines lose my bags (yes, it does happen people). But whenever I fill out that claim form, and let them know my uranium is missing - well I tell you, they literally SPRING into action. They'll track down that errant bag faster than you can say "Chernobyl."

    And I cannot tell you how many new friends I have made in TSA and Customs since I've adopted this sure-fire system. Nothing brightens their day quite like finding a traveler with potentially fissionable material. Throw away those gaudy rainbow bag straps forever and step into the atomic age. It's no longer just uranium, it's my-ranium. Thanks Amazon!