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  • Reef Maker - Awesome MachineGot this machine for my birthday. I immediately set it up and made a cup. I love the cafe setting. It's not the same as latte from Starbucks but it does the job and the flavor is there. My wife loves the chai tea. Another good feature is that I'm able to select the size drink I'm making so my travel mug gets filled.
  • - This diet saved my daughter's quality of life.Anyone with Crohn's Colitus or another Intestinal disease.. or actually any other autoimmune condition owes it to themselves to read this book and give this diet a try. There are apparently no other options when it comes to effectively controling debilitating symptoms without drugs with their own side effects.I hear that the diet works in 80 percent of cases. It did in ours. My daugher was on the road to recovery within days. Within weeks, her blood tests became normal. In years to come I am certain that this will be the routine treatment but until then, you need to supplement your more than likely disbelieving doctor's advice with this healthy diet and in time, you will may not need meds. There are also many websites offering support.
    The author has dedicated her life to making this diet known after her own daughter was cured, with health repaired by this same diet, developed by a deceased MD.