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  • Curly O'Neil - On the ground at GettysburgRalph Peters' "Cain at Gettysburg" stands as a classic, reminiscent in its impact of another generation's "Red Badge of Courage". In this treatment of the events of three days in July of 1863 in a southern Pennsylvania tract of farmland and intersecting country roads, Peters follows the hour-by-hour actions, fears, and emotions of a small number of thoroughly exhausted troopers in blue and in grey and the intense interactions of their commanders. When one walks these fields and hillocks surrounding the small town of Gettysburg, one is astonished at the small distances over which 90,000 Union men and 76,000 Confederates raged at each other. The intensity with which the fears and conditioning of these mostly veteran troops surged towards each other has been captured in this book. One is left swept up in the actions and errors of the three days, and cannot help but feel reverence for the bravery that caused one man after the other to sweep up the regimental colors as the butchery thinned the ranks coming across a mile of wheat field. The enormity of the obstacle to the Confederate advance on July 3 presented by two rural fences is captured in the shouts and smells that one feels coming from these pages. The brutal power of period cannister and shot against battle lines of men advancing because there was no where else to go makes one wonder how they mustered the will to continue on three or four hours of interrupted sleep. Peters captures the personalities of his chosen participants in quick descriptions and replaces our static images of numbers and unit names with husbands, sons, brothers caught in the cataclysm initiated by the dominant arguments of their time. We forget that some of the men who clashed there still had aspirations of resuming their life after the hostilities ended, while others had given up on the idea that they would survive the war. Peters snaps the reader's head back when he replaces the statistics of advances and skimishes with images of schoolteachers who would never teach again and immigrants who would never live another day trying to reconcile their life in North America versus their roots in Ireland or Poland. These images will not leave you easily, nor should they. One reads this book, then finds that they must revisit Little Round Top to stand where blunders and bravery spilled over the soil. But, after reading this book, it will be forevermore a terribly haunted hill facing a fiercely human field, paid for with American blood spilled by Americans.
  • The FONZ - THE WAIT IS OVER!!!After I got this 32GB Asus for my daughter(6 years by way), I'm blown away how awesome it look and how speedy the processor is. Upgrade to new firmware 4.0 on day one.....SWEET!!! My daughter approve it and loves her You Tube and her Mario games on it. I never could be happy with my purchase as I load TONS of games 2500 plus games that I have install that play Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis and Playstaion games. *please don't ask how to get them as for legal reason* Simply amazing tablet and hands down for Asus! BTW.....I'm a Gamer. I WANT ONE NOW!!!.....I get me a 64GB and add a 32GB micro SD to expand it for more space. Whatever the people say here, they are entitle to their opinion. But I wonder if some people know how to use it to give it a low rating?...hmmm. I have no issue what so ever and barely scratch the surface on this. Took me awhile to get use to it but I got a feel of it now and how the 4.0 does wonders on it. I do admit, it does comes with flaw like any other issue with new things in the program but nothing major like any other manufacture out there hence Apple, Microsoft and Sony. I highly recommend this a buy than an iPad 3 any other day!!! I prefer my freedom to explore on the net and make my tablet that I want it to do in ways Apple won't let you then you have to go out of your way to jailbreak it to make it what you want with flaw and void your warranty. The choice is yours! ^_^
  • Lynne - Unusually captivating...I love a simple-minded, captivating good read; one that keeps me wanting more. Although this story is as graphic as I've ever read, there is a part of me that wants to learn more about why Mr. Grey, CEO, is the way he is...what makes him wanting the way he does. I feel sorry for him. I can't wait to read on.