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City: 80111 Englewood, Colorado

  • Britters1 - Still AMAZING after almost 2 years!My Mother in law was advised to buy one of these by a random person while she was shopping for a vac at Costco. When I came over to visit she had me try it out after raving about how incredible it was. After vacuuming a rug that had lint and debris embedded in the fibers, the rug looked like it had never been used. I went home and bought one immediately!

    I've used this vacuum nearly every other day for almost 2 years and it still has incredible suction. Because it cleans so well I do have to empty it a couple times per room. My son has severe allergies to dust mites and since I have been using this vac his symptoms have severly decreased. I also have to take a seam ripper or scissors and cut the hair,strings, etc. from the brush every so often to make sure that the brush continues work at its full potential, but honestly it works great even if you you don't do that, it's just something I'm compelled to do to ensure it is picking up as much as it can since my son's allergies are so bad.

    I have 2 horribly messy children, a long haired maine coon cat, and live in the Pacific NW where muddy trails throughout the house are inevitable, so it isn't like this vacuum hasn't been challenged ;)

    The Shark Navigator is comparable to a Dyson. It has a 5 year warranty, affordable, and lightweight and simple to use. It is hands down THE BEST VACUUM I have ever owned or used and you can't beat the price!
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  • Lisa J Stephens - 3 Wolf Moon Short Sleeve TeeMy daughter bought this tee for her boyfriend for Christmas. She couldn't wait to give it to him and he couldn't wait to wear it. Contrary to the promises made in the 3 Wolf Moon Video, about said shirt, he was able to walk down the street without being attacked by runway models. But that is okay because he is a little shy. But it did turn my daughter into a model and she grew at least 2 inches! I highly recommend this tee!