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  • ZenCity - Must have, GREAT course!This was easily my favorite Wilton course to take at my local craft store. The book is a must have if you want to take the class or if you simply want to teach yourself a few new techniques. Like all Wilton course books there are plenty of pictures to go with each lesson. It prepares you to the extreme by listing all needed ingredients for each lesson and details what tips to use for the flowers. It was easier for me to take the class with an instructor so that I could get immediate feedback on my technique and troubleshooting advice on Royal Icing consistencies. If you plan to teach yourself, the student kit that goes along with the course book is a good investment. Also remember that to mix Royal Icing, it's best to use a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer or something comparable. If you plan to use a hand mixer, it has to have at least 300 watts of power.
  • jfranco - Works great, just put in an order for a second one.I am going to keep my review as short as possible. First off, my tablet works flawlessly. I did have my concerns like some of you who have done your research about wifi performance, gps and light bleed. Off the bat, my wifi performance was good but not consistent. I used wifi analyzer to check my signal with comparison to my current android phone, the HTC EVO 3D. Both showed the same signal strength but I noticed the inconsistency with various download speeds that ranged from 8 to 20MPS. This was from about 15-20 feet away from my wireless router, the Netgear Wireless N600. I re-configured my router to use channel 11, set the security options to WPA2-PSK (AES), Mode set to 300mps. I disabled the guest network and the 5ghz wireless broadcast. After making those changes my wireless reception improved and I was consistently hitting 20 Mbs using the speed test app. My internet service is provided by Comcast. About the GPS... I was not able to lock onto any GPS satellites from inside my home. Took the table outside and locked on to 6 satellites and counting within seconds with great accuracy on location. Using the stock Navigation app I was able to lock and use. About light bleed... There is no light bleed what so ever on my tablet, confirmed using the light bleed app from the market. The only issue I have with the tablet is when typing with the tablet using the stock keyboard can feel uncomfortable. Its like the edges of the tablet start digging into your palm. This will be easily be fixed once you put it in a case. Performance wise, I did not notice any slowdown in switching between apps and screens until I installed the app called Pulse. This app or others like it may have a compatibility issue with the companion core causing a slow down when the Asus using the companion core to conserve power. Just something to keep in mind.

    In short, this tablet looks great and does everything I want. I love everything about it, watching movies, fluidity, games, Multiple email account support using the Asus stock email app, and a beautiful display built into a great design to ice the cake. I was looking to jump in on a full featured Android tablet and I found it here with the transformer prime. All that's missing is Ice Cream Sandwich. I will update my review again when I receive the ICS update and/or our second transformer prime (champagne) that I ordered for my girlfriend. To bad it wont ship until the end of January early February from Amazon. The Grey Transformer tablet that I own know came from Best Buy, ordered on November 29th, shipped on December 19th, received on December 23rd. I know, I was one of the lucky ones!

    ****update 1/9/12 11:42pm****

    Just got Ice Cream Sandwhich and its working great!
  • Harvee L. - The Film Industry and its RuinsYou could say this is a novel about Hollywood and film making, about how it can make you a success as it did Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who are featured in this novel, or it can chew you up and spit you out, as it did the fictional character of Beautiful Ruins, the aspiring actress Dee Moray.

    I found this a very moving story of love and friendship, duty and trust, and two people who survive the greed for fame, fortune and reputation, whether in the film industry or in tourism. The title has multiple meanings, I think, referring to the beautiful but "ruined" Dee of the film industry, and the ruins of the WWII bunker she visits with Pasquale, which shows lasting beauty of another sort. I gave this 5 stars for the characterization, the plot, the writing, and the message. For the entire book. Go read it!

    Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book for a TLC Virtual Book Tour.
  • mark snyder - wolf shirts are amazingafter purchasing this wolf shirt i immediately started craving beer. so i called the whitehouse knowing they serve beer and scheduled a sleepover in the lincoln bedroom with any available intern(female). all i can say , and this aint no lie , is that i was the best deal ever. not the shirt just the intern! oh baby!