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  • totally happy... - !!! TRUE MIRACLE !!! White Stripe: GONE!!!This stuff works!!! I swear!!! And I am NOT a paid writer. I swear, I am just a happy customer .
    I wish I tried this years ago. I'm 47 and have (had) a grey stripe of hair on top of my head (starting dead center on top of forehead, about 1.5" wide and 4 inches long), a grey stripe from front to back. My friends called me "white-stripe".

    I have medium to medium-dark brown hair, but I read that it's better to error on the light side, so I used Light-Brown #25.
    The color worked out PERFECT, cuz I did three applications of 5 minutes each, and as the stuff sits in the bowl it gets darker, way darker.

    I only needed a little to do the white stripe ("patch job"), so in a glass bowl I mixed equal parts of the 2 bottles, about 1/3 of each bottle. I mixed it and waited 5 minutes.

    Application Method / Timing :
    Then, get this :: IMPORTANT : I used a hair-color brush (like you get at a beauty store, probably Walmart too), so I used the brush to apply it just to the stripe.
    I left it on for 5 minutes (each time) then rinsed from a hand-held shower-head, (I didnt get in the shower or take a whole shower cuz I wanted to be mobile). You could probably just rinse using the tub faucet.

    You can look in the mirror while processing to see the color darkening with time. I did it for 5 minutes, rinsed and dried and the stripe was about 70% gone, but still lighter than the rest of my (normal/brown) hair (the grey patch had become slightly grey-blond-brown), so I applied the colorant again and left it on another 5 minutes (using the colorant mix from the glass bowl). It was basically perfect after the second dose. But just for good measure I did it a third time, and, presto! Perfect. I admit there is a weeeee bit of copper-blond-brown to it, but it looks cool, hip and young, kinda like a golden highlight --- way better than a white stripe.

    That is such "bs" / unfounded-drama that it is messy... it was no problem/not messy at all with a brush and it didnt spill, drip, contact or stain anything. It was not messy or hard.

    I seriously say: go for it! Do my approach (if you have a stripe or patch), you'll be happy.

    NOTE: This is only for a stripe or patch... for a whole grey head I don't know. You're on your own if you have a whole head to do. But for stripes or patches, my approach worked great.

    I'm psyched, I can't wait to see wait my friends / acquaintances say :))) Now they are the ones in the hot-seat to come up with the right comment! LOL... Anyhow, I'm happy.
  • PolarBear - It is exceptionally quiet.I was so sick of the loud high pitch noise of my hairdry. I bought it at a drug store and it was not cheap. It was a ceramic haridryer too. I never buy a hairdryer online before because I was too sceptical. How loud is loud, it is also subjective. Then, I saw a youtube about this hairdryer. Yes, this is what I am looking for.

    This is the quietest hairdryer I have ever had. The noise level is low and soft. I like the toggle switch. This hairdryer also come with an additional ring you can attach to the nozzle to increase the airflow to 50 mph. It works well. It also come with the concentrator attachment.

    There is nothing I don't like. It is a bit big though.

    I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.