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  • Ruth B. Ingram - I think I love it.This is a dandy willmaker. It has an instruction book that scared me toothless. Then I realized that it contained little nuggets of knowledge for all 50 states, which made sense so then I kept on reading. My doctor and I have discussed the situation and now is the time for starting to make my final determinations since I am such a slow study. This software is so complete and I learned about contest exclusion, if you contest the will and you are named in it you lose anytime given to you in the will. I love that one and I am still working on my will. Although mine is pretty simple and straightforward I am sure that others will have more details to work out. Very helpful softward and book. I HIGHLY recomment it to those without 600 to 1000.00 to throw at an attorney for a very small estate.
  • Tara - Best zit zapper I've foundI've tried the Proactiv products before and have found them to work, but not to be as great as the informacials make it appear. I ordered this product for the first time recently and am amazed at how great it works. The day I received the product, I felt a deep and under the skin zit growing on my cheek. I applied this product three times and the zip rapidly dried up and was almost gone within 24 hours. It dries up acne better than any other product I've tried, even prescription strength. Great for spot treating those deep and troublesome pimples that are hard to get rid of. I will continue to use this product and make sure I always have it on hand.
  • Zach Bowders - Lovely and Usable...if you stick with it.As a software developer, I've been using Window 8 several months in advance of most home users.

    I installed it on an old Dell D630 laptop with 2 GB of ram, not expecting it to work well. I couldn't have been more wrong. Win 8 is light and, I suspect, can run well on most modern hardware.

    Initially, I was in love with the pretty modern (not "metro" anymore kids) interface, but frustrated with the lack of the "Start" button in desktop mode. After a few months of use, I found I didn't miss the Start button at all, and found using Windows 7 at work or my Home Desktop to be a diminished experience.

    Many people are getting bent out of Shape over the Start button's absence in Windows 8, and I wasn't a fan at first either, but here's the thing. The "modern" interface is a wonderful replacement for the start button. Additionally, you can operate Win 8 in an almost-exclusive Desktop mode for a user experience almost exactly like you've always been used to. You have the task bar on the bottom, you can slap program shortcuts anywhere, and it looks and feels familiar but new.

    Alternatively, you can also operate almost exclusively in the "modern" interface, and use "apps" for a different experience. Though it still feels like Win 8 has some growing to do, I'm loving the experience right now.
  • Sheri "Sheri "avid reader"" - Best new electronic so farI am so happy with the Kindle. I read more than 50 books per year and hauling them around can be a pain. The Kindle holds up to 200 books, store what you want and re-read them when ever you feel the urge. I have downloaded some of my favorites, which I have already read more than three times. Downloading takes less than 3 minutes.... how wonderful is that. I travel with my Kindle instead of carrying many books which take up valuable luggage space. I am able to change the type size if needed, which I have done several times. My sister and I read many of the same books, so the second Kindle is for us to share the same books. Where else could you do that ! I hope that school aged children will be able to put text books on the Kindle and eliminate the physical stress on their growing bodies while carry the load each day. I love my Kindle and highly recommend it to those who love to read.