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  • Barbara Beasley - Get started now!This book and Esther Gokhale's program have been life changing! I had several debilitating incidents from a lower back injury and was developing sciatica. This program saved me. I'm once again thoroughly enjoying horseback riding, yoga and running with a new awareness and strong body. This book is a great place to start as it will give you an overview of the Gokhale holistic approach - how the spine works, ancient wisdom from many societies, how the current culture influences our posture in unnatural ways, well defined methods you can apply quickly in your daily life, easy to follow instructions, amazing photos to reinforce the concepts, etc. Bottom-line, it works and I practice it all day long - not just at the gym. My only regret is I didn't find this method ten years ago!
  • R. J. Loeb - Helps avoid intestinal problemsMy wife has used this for about a year and it has help her avoid intestinal problems. Product was recommended by her doctor and it did help a lot.
  • G. Mahaney - Worked for meI started using Proactive last January and I started noticing a difference within days. I did have an occasional pimple at times but my skin was so much smoother and felt great. I recently stopped using the product and my skin is a nightmare. It is amazing to me how well it worked. I didn't realize it until I stopped using it. You can bet i will be rejoining the club.