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The University of Chicago Medicine - The University of Chicago Medicine is both a world-class research institute and a neighborhood health care provider.


Country: North America, US, United States

City: 60637 Chicago, Illinois

  • atothemfk - a sneaking suspicionI have a sneaking suspicion that all of these negative comments aren't real people. Even if this was the case they have no grounds for the argument that their internet providers are doing a great job at providing us a service because they have no other context with which to compare! Just look at how these "people" only provided one review only for this book and no other books! Just providing a counter balance for their awful reviews and their obdurate beliefs in how perfectly OK we are with our service providers. They don't realize that this Oligarchy of service providers is working together to practically eliminate competition (capitalism) which allows them to collectively raise prices without raising speed because our market no longer has any variation with which we may choose from. They are simply saying you have no choice, f you, now give us all of your money. When businesses work behind closed doors to manipulate the "open market" and effectively dismantle regulations through propaganda and money it is no longer a form of capitalism, it is plain and simple robbery. We are being robbed blind and taking it.
  • Danielle Rayner - Works GreatWas taking an antibiotic for a long time. Started having an upset stomach and my doctor recommended align. Has worked great!
  • L. Weed - Incredible! Better than MAC!I must admit that I doubted this product could live up to the adverstisement, but it really does. I have roseaca with lots of spider veins and a six-month-old surgery scar on my cheek, and BM covers very well without the look or feel of any foundation. My skin now looks completely unpainted and blemish-free. It can even cover a psoriasis spot along my hairline, which is a tough customer. I thought that MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus was as good a product that I could find, but this is much better at the same price. I've always been self-conscious about my complextion, but not any more!
  • Edward J. Blotzer - When mine was stolen, I replaced it immediately.My original Garmin 50LM was stolen/lost while on our last day of vacation. I IMMEDIATELLY replaced it. It is great for the split screen on exits, giving you plenty of room to make a lane change. The speed limit was especially helpful as so many times the limit goes up and down, you're not sure of what the speed limit was. This product was fine for us -- speed limit, lane assist, detour rerouting, ease of use, time of arrival, direction to see available, excellent spoken word for directions, Buy it!

    Also, when I had to transfer my "favorites" from a Garmin Nuvi 350 and had difficulty, the tech support was absolutely super about telling me how while I did it. That's customer service.

    The only thing they normally don't tell you in the tech information is that you can only download new maps 4 times a year, but for MOST people, that should be plenty of times.

    Excellent product for the price.
  • EZSEEK "Life is EZ, when you SEEK!." - ANOTHER, MUST HAVE, FOR KINDLE FIRE FOOTBALL FANS!!Great game, and hard to believe it is free$$. Game effects are awesome for a kindle fire game. Won my first game, but need to work on deffence more, even though I stripped the ball 3 times. :-p Remember most of all: it's EZ, when you SEEK, all your Must Have apps™…