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  • JMS1111 - KINDLE REVIEW AND KINDLE BOOKSI have had my Kindle since September 2009 and have had almost no problems. However a couple of times, the thing feezes up and when I re-start, it goes to the first page of the book I am reading. This is extremely annoying, but not enough to stop using the Kindle or buy any other e-reader. I do wish my Kindle had a light.
    I also own an IPAD and have read a couple of books on it, but it is hard to read on the IPAD when outside due to the glare on the screen. The kindle is definitely better in this regard.
    My biggest issue is that some of the authors are now charging more for a Kindle edition than a hard cover book. I went to Costco and Ken Follett's new book was $15.95. I looked for the Kindle version when I got home and it was $19.99. I have always read Ken Follett before the ink dries - so to speak, but guess I won't be doing that anymore. Same thing with Clive Cussler. Charging more or as much for a kindle version. Are they just trying to stick it to the Kindle readers because they can? I could give my hard cover book to 10 people, but can't give my Kindle version to anyone. Seems that they would do better to keep the Kindle price books lower.
  • Karen F. Blocher "fantasy writer and blogger" - Hours of infotainment!When you're a Doctor Who fan, there is more merchandise available than you can possibly buy, unless you are that happy combination, both rich and obsessed. The question thus becomes, which of the latest books, toys, video, audio, etc. are the must haves? What gives me the most bang for my buck? I rate The Brilliant Book 2011 very high on that scale. There is more fun to be had with this book than, for example, a recent Doctor Who novel.

    Essentially a modern, adult-friendly update of the "Annual" concept, this is a 132-page, heavily illustrated book, full of photos from the 2010 series of Doctor Who. But that's not what's so great about it. Each Eleventh Doctor story from Series One/31/Fnarg gets a two-page spread, including a synopsis, a "magic moment" from the story, some "Fantastic Facts," etc. Nice, but not essential, especially if you get every issue of Doctor Who Magazine and watch Doctor Who Confidential. BUT! You also get bits of deleted dialogue, and "behind the scenes" interview material with Steven Moffat and others. Ah, now we're getting somewhere!

    Surrounding these episode-based spreads are interviews with Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Murray Gold, plus producer Beth Willis taking you through the entire production process and Gareth Roberts' detailed and amusing insights into writing for Doctor Who. But what really makes this book so much fun is the ancillary features of new material to accompany the various episodes. Mark Gatiss brings us excerpts from Churchill's diary, for example, with glimpses of scenes from the great man's many encounters with the Doctor. (In so doing, Gatiss also manages to close the worst of the episode's plot holes.) Rory's stag party is commemorated with pictures and comments from a "Twitbook" page, including a partygoer's boasts about going home with the girl the doctor replaced in the cake. Gareth Roberts tells us about all the ancillary characters who never made it into "The Lodger," and how their lives were affected by the Doctor's brief tenancy. There is even an original Doctor Who short story by Brian Aldiss, although frankly it's the least impressive thing in the book.

    My husband was initially annoyed that I'd added this book to my Amazon order, so I could get free shipping on Murray Gold's recent Doctor Who CD Doctor Who: Series 4 - The Specials. After five minutes with the book, he wasn't annoyed anymore. "You're right," he said. "This is a good book!" Trust me: from my husband, that's high praise!
  • ellendmngz - We love it!!My husband bought me the SodaStream for Christmas and we both love it. We have tried several flavors and we haven't found one that we don't like. My husband drinks a lot of soda and I was getting tired of all the soda cans. I knew in the beginning it would be expensive because we wanted to make sure we had enough bottles and flavors on hand. I have read some of the reviews and some people are saying you have to send in the CO2 bottles, but that is not always the case. There are places that will take the empty CO2 bottles and sell you a new one. I guess some areas don't have any place where this can be done, but where we live Bed Bath and Beyond will take the old CO2 bottles and sell you a new one for half the price.
  • Sarah Bauman "sgcowboysfan" - At Home in Mitford... a book for everyoneI thought that this book was excellent. There's a character in this story for everyone. It's a book that your whole family can enjoy. There are not very many wholesome good books these days. This is one of them. I recommend this book and also the second book in the series, "A Light in The Window". Hope you like this story as much as I did. It's a very readable story. Enjoy!!!
  • Jeff Griffith - courageous !I couldn't put this book down. It's easy to read and engaging. It's like she is speaking to you.
    I appreciate so much the fact that Elizabeth would share her story. She is truly an amazing person and inspiring. No one should ever judge how another person would handle a situation until they have been in their shoes. And at 14 years old!
    At the end of the day she did out smart and outwit her capture and contributed to her own rescue. .
    She has chosen her own path to recovery proving there is no text book way to happiness after something like this.
    Obviously I recommend this book "My Story"!