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  • Lauren D - Anything is possible if you tryAnything's possible if you try!!

    The book "Soul Surfer" really shows that anything's possible if you try. In "Soul Surfer", Bethany Hamilton gets her arm bit off by a tiger shark on October 31st. This major situation changed her life forever but she was able to overcome her obstacles with great strength. Not only was it hard to get dressed, it was a challenge to do what it takes in life to survive. With her trust with God, she uses her strength to get through it all and eventually learns to surf again.

    She was amazingly able to get through any obstacle just like Stacy's grandmother from "Ribbons". Both of them have a limb that's disfigured and they both have to learn how to use their limb to survive. Unlike Bethany's shark attack, Stacy's grandmother's injury was due to the Chinese custom of wrapping feet. Both girls were determined to not let their disability stop them from doing the things they love. If they had known each other, they would have been a great support for the other.

    "Soul Surfer" is about a 13 year girl whose passion was to surf. One morning on October 31st she got attacked by a tiger shark in Hawaii. Luckily she had a great faith in God which helped her overcome the loss of her arm. Bethany wasn't nervous during the attack but her main goal then was to get to shore fast. After Bethany got out of surgery the first thing she said was "When can I surf again?" Now she is back surfing, has done many interviews and is an inspiration to a lot of people.

    I would recommend this book to people because this story is an inspiring story. I believe anyone who has a missing body part would love reading this book because they could relate to Bethany and understand her problems. Anyone who loves to surf or enjoys the ocean would love to read this story of a one armed surfer who overcame her tragic shark attack.

    The theme of this book, I believe, is to never give up. If you set your mind to something, never stop trying. If you get hurt don't tell yourself that's the end. With the help of God you can get through anything! If you get hurt never give up! Anything is possible if you try.

    Lauren D.
  • SilviaBC - I'm amazedI bought this product for my daughter who has tried every otc and prescription antiperspirant. When googling botox treatments and surgery, I came across sweat block and decided to order it. My daughter was skeptical but decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks she thought it might work (did not sound very encouraging) but a few weeks later asked if I could order more because it worked. What a relief!