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  • Hardmanb - So Very Happy!!!I love coffee, especially strong coffee. My wife always complains that the coffee is not hot enough. We have owned a Sensei, and Keurig K-cup single machines, with which I used a refillable cup, as I like to grind my own beans for my various favorite blends. Bought the Vue 700 because it was my birthday and a friend recommended it.

    I love the machine. It is beautiful, fits under my top cabinets, holds 72 oz of water and is highly programmable. I set the temperature to 197 degrees and my Japanese wife is enchanted with her lip-scalding coffee. Bought a Solofil Gold filter VI refillable cup at BB&B and my self-ground coffee is the best it's ever brewed. The "strong" setting is worth the entire switch. I used to have to stick with "Bold" brews in K-cups, but now can get strong coffee with all choices and with teas, while changing the cup size when I want weaker coffee. My wife is a hot chocolate freak and loves it. It also does a great job on iced teas. The Solofil works great with loose teas. I can't wait until more choices are available, although the enclosed sample pack of brews including bold, flavored, iced tea and hot chocolate also included some of my favorites...but they clearly taste better than ever.

    The strong setting is achieved by a pre-wetting of the coffee in the pod, and higher pressure accompanied by "pulsing" and really produces a better "strong" cup. The temperature and pressure are settable, and it is programmable to be on and ready for my morning cup, with an energy saving during the day, and automatic shut off for the afternoon. I personally don't have any problem with filling travel mugs (fatter mugs don't tip as easy in my car holder), or noise or time to operate. Register on-line and get a Keurig coupon for buy two boxes and get two free. My wife and I no longer have to sometimes go to Starbucks to get coffee the way we want. It is amazing how the VUE has added to our daily pleasure. All my single-cup maker criticisms are no longer valid. Do follow the Quickstart instructions, rinse the reservoir first and run a first cup of hot water before first use.
  • Dee - I'm crazy about this book!This convenient transportable book is absolutely wonderful! Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, this book is for everyone. If everyone used this book, we would have a healthier public. It offers everything you need to know about food, products, and health conditions for everyone's knowledge. A doctor showed me this book, and I went crazy when I looked through it. I even bought one for a gift for a friend, who flipped over it also!
  • Terry P - My son's favorite toy!I bought this for my son just to keep him off from our smartphones and tablets. And I am glad to see that he is really enjoying this toy as much as he enjoyed playing with our phones. This toy is very educational and what I like most is that LeapPad2 has no internet access this gives me a peace of mind that my kids won't able access to some websites that might contain adult contents unguided.

    As my son is very happy with his LeapPad2, I am very satisfied mom as well!
  • Irene C. Okes - Unbelievable Book!Annie O'Sullivan is the heroine that you least expect. The horrors that she has to go through, yet she still retains her sense of humor. I loved the way the book made you uncomfortable with thoughts of "feeling sorry" for the kidnapper/rapist and his incestous relationship with his natural mother. It was really sad too when you realize that the baby is gonna die because of the hatred that the "Freak" had for anyone who took the attention from him and his so called "wife." It's not only surprising but real insanity when you realize that the "Freak" intends to get her pregnant yet again, and something inside her breaks.

    I was not expecting the ending, but even this I forgave because I didn't really like her mother anyway. I have recommended this book to all my girlfriends. I think also all those women who wish some alpha man would spirit them away from the world and keep them safe, will think again when they read this book.
  • David Rasch - Jesus the failed muslim warriorIntroducing the muslim jesus. Just a man, nothing more. Characterized as a failed revolutionary. By selective reading of rejected speculations combined with isogesis (selecting a single verse or set of words out of context) and using moslem methodology, he has created someone who would be unrecognizable to biblical scholars. These scholars do not count because he deconstructs all the work on biblical texts suggesting they misunderstood Jesus, especially the Jews. Sound familiar? It is very important to read this book because it is a valuable insight into the minds of moslems, explaining why they say what they say.