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  • A Customer - This is the BIBLE of JOB HUNTING - IGNORE IT at your PERIL - 5 STARS !!!!Let's get it out of the way right up front. If you are looking for a job and not using this book, it is the same as sending an army to war without rifles. This is it, and it simply does not get any better than What Color is Your Parachute. Every year it seems to get better and better.


    I would tell anyone that you must read this book before going to interviews in your senior year in college. Anyone who is seeking to change positions that is out in the work force should have a well-marked and annotated copy in her briefcase. There are simply no excuses. The information you need to get and find the job that you want and deserve are in this book. It's easy to read and easy to use.

    Some things you can figure out for yourself - others are not as easy. Do you ever notice that people in the trades all have their secrets that are passed down from older people in the trades? A carpenter will tell you that you MEASURE TWICE - CUT ONCE. It makes sense, because then you will not waste wood. In job hunting it is the same deal. There are things you need to know, because it will give you an edge over your competition.

    Remember there is always more than one person looking to fill the slot that you are looking to fill. YOU NEED THE EDGE and this book will give it to you. As an example, one of the key points and there are hundreds of them is that YOU ARE ALWAYS INTERVIEWING. The moment you walk into a company, you are being watched. It might be the receptionist, or the pre-interviewer, but you are always being measured. This means you have to always have your guard up, take nothing for granted.

    This book will teach you about the latest techniques for looking for a job, and much much more. Here are just a few of the issues you need to be concerned about:

    * There are thousands of Internet sites that help people searching for jobs. This book tells you which ones are for you. Page 53

    * What do you put into the resume - key points? Page 71

    * You will learn the specific interview questions that in all likelihood, you will be asked. BE READY page 93

    * What about salary negotiations? The other side negotiates all the time. You only get to negotiate a couple of times in your lifetime. You need this information to even out the playing field. Page 121

    * There are always mistakes made during interviews. The book covers the big ones. Page 92


    There simply is no better book on the market for those who need a job, or want to learn how to promote themselves. This book is the BIBLE OF THE INDUSTRY. Buy it, read every word, write in the margins, take notes and write the notes in the back of the book. It is a resource, use it wisely and get the job you want. Thank you for reading this review.

    Richard C. Stoyeck
  • Colleen Danielson - Breaking The Vicious Cycle" WORKS" read my storyHi,
    My name is Colleen and about 1 year ago I bought the book. I was soooo sick. I have Ulcerative Colitis,
    Diverticulosis, and IBS. Wow! was I lucky! I read the book
    about 4 times to begin with so I could understand it all. I still pull it out today and refer to it. I went on the sc diet
    and like I said its about a year and I am completely well! I
    don't know what you call it, remission, gone, whatever. Today
    I have no symptoms of UC, Diver, or IBS. Because of this I am
    opening up a Vitamin and Herb store call the "The Vitamin Hut"
    in Reno, Nv. and I am going to sell this book in my store along
    with Lucy's Cookbook. I don't know what would have happened to
    me if I had not found this book. Elaine, from the bottom of my heart "Thank You". Now the second part of my story. My daughter
    has suffered from IBS for 16 years. Her doctor told her that her body was shutting down and they didn't think it could be reversed. The doctor also told her it was all in her head and
    if she would "chant" over her food she would be able to eat and
    this fear of food would go away. We finally got a doctor at
    stanford to see her and he diagnoised her as Crohns Disease.
    She at this time weight 95 lbs. She is 5'6" tall. After that, we agreed we would do Elaine's sc diet together. She went on
    the SC diet immediately. Here we are about 8 months later and
    she is completely well too!!!
    This is the reason I am opening the store. There are millions
    of us and if it helps one person like it did me and my daughter,
    well, enough said. Again, I thank Elaine for this book, she saved our lifes.......God Bless You Elaine.......
  • FilmGuru "D" - Finally!! The quintessential guide to pick-up!We got a taste of what it might be like in The Game, but finally a step by step guide to mastering the game!

    The Rules of the Game is a two book set. The Stylelife Challenge book is more of a guide loaded with fun and interesting missions that you can either do alone or with friends. It's more of a guide and workbook where you can learn and write out your results. The best part is that it walks you though the game step by step so you can understand the transitions and know when and how to go to the next step.

    The second book, The Style Diaries, is more of a fun read that chronicles the author's own experience as he was learning the game. It's a perfect as you get to read about his journey while taking your own.

    It's all you'll need whether you're just beginning or you've been out there and are having some rough spots.

    BTW The author is doing some kind of Myspace TV thing. He's got David Faustino from Married with Children and the dude from Parker Lewis where they're trying different pick-up methods. Hilarious!!
  • Cheryl Fleming "Dr. Flash" - Another triumph for McCall SmithI eagerly awaited this new installment in the series, and was not disappointed, although there were a few parts in this novel that moved slowly. The situations in this novel seemed real, the types of human relationship issues we all deal with on a daily basis. Things are not always lovely, people do disagree and doubt one another, and this novel revealed this underside of humanity. I hope this series will continue, as I am anxious to find out more about Mme Makutsi and her upcoming marriage, and also about the kids, who appeared only briefly in this novel. If you have not listened to the audio, run to your public library and check it out. Lisette Lecat's wonderful voice has gotten me through many long and tedious road trips.
  • momnteacher - Great prep materialThe online materials were great. The tests even have a timed or untimed option. There are also 10 additional practice sets per test section. I found these practice sets to be very useful. I didn't use the books very much, because I wanted to practice in the same format as the test that I would be taking. The only thing I worked in the book was the essay practice guides. Considering I graduated from college in 2002 and hadn't had a comp class since high school, I needed some brushing up!

    On a side note, I also bought the verbal flashcards and found them to be extremely helpful!!!

    I didn't realize that the majority of the practice sets weren't up and running yet. I only accessed the first two of each section. However, there are also plenty of practice questions in the book.