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  • Annie Horne - Great for stamping!This is my first bottle of UV polish and I love it! I was hesitant to buy UV polish because the colors are generally very boring and there was only one I had liked, till I looked on Amazon. I love neon colored nail polish but its really streaky and too transparent and chips easily, Gelish is a great alternative its glossy. I only just applied it today so I can't tell you how long it wears but my friend who chips nail polish off real bad is excited to try it and were going to compare how long it lasts between the two of us. I was really thrilled, I even stamped on it with my konad stamper and put a normal top coat on it like normal nail polish as I was told you can do nail art on it just like normal polish and the nail art generally lasts longer because of the surface its applied to, just like when I had acrylic nails the nail polish lasts 2-3 weeks till the growth shows, its also great because when I messed up it wiped clean with a little remover and was still beautiful shiny neon pink! I really like it. And I was pleasantly surprised it was a FULL sized bottle for the price of a MINI. I hope to buy more colors.
  • Father Bunghole - Playmobile.....always thinkingFinding it a little advanced for your toddler? Thats because you didn't start him off with Playmobil's Catholic Choir Boy. What a better way than to loosen him up first ....the Catholic way. Does he have a hard time hitting the high notes? Not anymore. The action pack adventure comes complete with life long rejection and suicidal tendencies. Razor blades and sleeping pills sold separately.
  • Laurel Epps "pathfinder" - The Body Ecology Diet is wonderfulThis book should be required reading for everyone. I used to own a Health Food Store and have researched and used many 'diets' and understand how many people are searching for a way to feel good and look their best. Donna Gates has created a scientifically researched, thorough and easy-to-read guide about what our body needs and how to take a step-by-step approach to clean our inner body ecology system. I also love how she suggests to slowly read the book once and then start taking the steps to change what we are putting into our body. I love how she reviews other popular 'diets' of our time, such as macrobiotics, Adkins, vegetarian, vegan and the blood-type diet. I agree with her approach and am taking the baby-steps I need to change my inner body ecology forever. Thank you Donna and everyone helping her.
  • Keith - Need to read this and DemonicReally, I've been a fan of Ann since Treason. Ann's never been afraid to say what needs to be said. What's so wonderful about her works is that she doesn't just regurgitate Conservative arguments which you've heard a thousand times over. No, about 95% of this book and the chapter on Black history in Demonic is stuff I've NEVER heard before. Well worth the read.
  • S. Wood "Number8gurl" - Great gift for anyoneI have been buying these for my son as a Christmas gift for about 10 years (he's 30 now and has come to expect them each year). He really enjoys both reading and collecting the books. I have also found out that I paid too much by making the mistake of buying this book a few of the early years from a bookstore or even Walmart for much more than Amazon charges for it. I never get my books anywhere but Amazon anymore. The prices and quick shipping (plus free shipping when available) cannot be beat by any other retailer, brick & mortar or online.