USL Medical - USL Medical - USL Medical is a NZ-owned, private company which provides medical consumables, equipment and related services to the NZ healthcare industry. Our customers include District Health Boards, Aged Care facilities, General Practitioners, Specialists and many other primary care providers. USL Medical has been servicing the NZ healthcare industry since 1984 and our success has been built on providing quality products supported by people who pride themselves on delivering world-class service.

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  • Christine Perkins - Great for GED!I bought this book about a year ago.. and it is ALLL marked up!! It teaches you ALOT bout the GED and how to pass it. It tells you nearly everything you need to know about the test, and gives you good in site.

    I would recommend to anyone!!

    It's like your own personal teacher. It tells you how to do the problem first, then gives you a similar problem, then tells you the answer!
    There are also little tips on the side of most each page.

    It has: Math, Writing, Reading, Science, & History
  • Paula - Automatic delivery is greatThis was recommended to my daughter and my Mom by their gastroenterologist and works beautifully, but I found they weren't always keeping up with buying it at a drugstore because of the inconvenience and expense. Thus, they were missing doses. Not good. So I checked out the availability on Amazon and found that Amazon's already discounted price was great, but putting it on the automatic delivery schedule further reduced the price and took care of two problems at once. Now they are saving money and they never run out.
  • gretska "gadget girl" - Takes a while to grab you, but then...Initially it took a while to get into the story, especially when he kills off one of the characters early on. But then the story drew me in to the point where I dreamed about it at night, and looked forward each day to finishing work so I could get back into the silo world/story. I was genuinely sad when it ended, as I couldn't return to that world each night - I hope he continues the story with more books!
  • Fco. Cossío - Amazing, Just AmazingI'm from Mexico and I heard the leyend of the "Three wolf moon" tshirt, when I see the design I was amazed it was perfect for my as my nickname is "Lobo" (spanish for wolf) so I order mine

    I just picked up from my p.o. box, and inmedially I put it on, I Feel all the power since that moment, everything changes when Me and my friends cross the board, back to Mexico we jus was amazed when the board check poin line flashed red and magically turns green, so we avoid the first check point, on the next check pont there was a millitar patrol, they look the car and saw me wearing the "three wolf moon" and just let us go, at the last checkpont the guard stop the car took a look to my friend who was diving, then saw me on the back seat wearin the "three wolf moon", and just said welcome back, at the next day I wear the tshirt on a date with the girl I like, and she confess that she likes me too, all those amazing things hapend on just two days wearing the tshirt, I feel that my life it's gonna change forever.

    I belive that the three wolf moon is expandng its power all over the world.
  • C. Funk - Great Product!I purchased and received my derma wand 2-3 weeks ago. I read through the pamplet prior to using it, and did a few of the extra treatments that were suggested in the pamplet. I saw immediate results in the diminshing of my forehead wrinkles and my eyes were lifted immediately, though the effects lasted temporarily. With each use I notice my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes are diminishing, my pores are shrinking, and my skin is firmer. I, too, have had a few pimples, and my skin seems oilier, but it possibly can have something to do with the face products I use. I alternate between Principal Secrets and Reviva's products.. but have many others in my arsenal against aging (I am a skin care product junkie.. hehe).
    I will be 52 years old in 2 days, though I am told I look much younger.. (It may just be people trying to stroke my ego, as well.. hehe) I also started using the Tua Viso Electronic Unit for Facial Gymnastics about 6 weeks ago, which I really like, too, but it is very time consuming, so I have cut down to every other day on that, but the derma wand just takes 5 minutes twice a day, and you are done. Great product!