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  • Kwins "kdj" - MAKE HEALTHIER FOOD CHOICES, EASY VISUAL CLUESWell organized, include fast food choices as well as groceries. I was surprised to find many of my staple grocery items included; this book provides fast referencing, good visuals, and is easy to reference. Bought copies for my husband who does not want to follow a conventional diet, and my son. I need to order another to keep with me for shopping. I used tabs to highlight items we frequently buy. I highly recommend this book as a tool to simply move towards better, healthier food choices.
  • C. Larimer - Necessary ER library resourceThis book is an excellent "must have" for any medical provider managing critical and coding patients. It gives a level of understanding that is important for making the critical decisions needed in managing these complicated patients. The ACLS provider manual is the basis for memorizing the flow charts and guidelines to pass ACLS courses but Dr. Grauer's book helps you understand and learn how to recognize more complicated rhythms and understand the physiologic principles involved.
    It definitely will be kept in our ER where we can refer to it whenever needed.
    Cindi Larimer, M.D.
  • Elizadeath - An item I cannot live without!I am not kidding, I really don't think I could live without having my witch's datebook. I've been using Llewellyn's Witchs' Datebook for around 7 or 8 years now. For those like me, that need a datebook to keep up with every sceduled appt and like to be organized in that manner, the reason this particular one is essential for all Pagans is the extra stuff it has. From full page discussions on various holidays, techniques, and general pagan topics, to the moon and sun phase for every day of the year, to every holidays observed around the world (not just Pagan, but many major world holidays), to every day's color, and other little tidbits of nifty information about each day and stuff for the Pagan lifestyle in general. If you are a Pagan who has not tried using Llewellyn's Witchs' Datebook, I highly suggest you do and you will be pleased with it! Blessed be to all....
  • Vermithrax - Worked well for me.First digital camera - I bought this specifically for the large zoom capability for use on a European tour.

    Pros: performed as I had hoped, although I spent the tour with the camera in AUTO mode. This allowed me to shoot while on the move, in and out of buildings.

    There are a large number of available settings I did not fully explore that might have helped me with subjects in the foreground that were darker than the background (a person with the sky to their back, for example).

    Good combination of zoom and low light capability, this allowed me to take pictures of frescoes and paintings found in historical buildings and churches where the lighting is subdued.

    Picture storage. This defaults to the add on memory card (not included) if one is present. This is handy, since it means that all your pictures will be on the removable card to transfer to a computer for uploading, posting or editing. Pictures are stored under the DCIM folder on the memory card, in a folder that stores each photo with a sequence number, and date and time. The camera's stored file structure (FAT32) is compatible with Windows (serialized file number, date and time) and was readable by my smartphone so I could send a couple of shots by e-mail while on the road.

    Cons: No GPS on this device, but this was not an issue for me. One nit - if you silence the "beeps" the camera makes when powering on or pressing buttons, a side effect is that it also suppresses the flash. This is observed by a crossed out icon on the display. Settings to correct this noted below.

    Workarounds: Took me a moment to search the Internet and discover how to get the flash operating again (to highlight the dark subjects in front of a light background). You re-enable sounds, just turn the sound volume down so the camera operates quietly. The full operator's manual is on the supplied CD and is also downloadable, but it is over 100 pages long. Rather than haul a book around I kept the full copy on my smartphone and the abbreviated Basic Manual in my camera bag for the trip.

    Recommendations: Removable memory cards. Amazon will recommend buying an extra memory card, and will offer the SD series of cards. I bought the smaller micro SD that came with an adapter to fit the SD slot in the camera. This allowed me to use the removable card in both the camera and my smartphone while traveling (the smartphone only takes the smaller micro card). Individual photos with this camera are about 5 MB a shot. You may find yourself posting photos rather than e-mailing them (transfer to computer or