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  • Lori A. Peters - Worth the buyAnother great PW cookbook! The photos are stunning as always, the directions are as clear and illustrated as one could want. In response to some previous reviews I have seen where buyers were upset by "all the pictures" and "regular recipes" Please research what you buy before you buy it. If you want a James Beard winner shop that way. Ree is an acomplished "regular" home cook like most of us and presents her very approachable recipes in the same fashion. Good food, beautiful book. Ive never had a recipe Ive tried fail!
  • Eduardo Castro - Awesome!I but it and I have to send it to a friend house because they doesn't ship to my country Puerto Rico. The tablet is awesome and I didn't have any problem with it. Grate product from Asus!
  • Vincent A. Pasqualetto - Great Product, Does what is says very effectively and what appears to be very safelyWe have used the baby vac several times and our 7 week old baby does not fuss. She would scream when we tried to used the bulb, and the bulb had issues extracting her mucus. The Baby vac easily sucks it right out. We have had to give it a little hand once, but I don't think that I would want it to suck too hard anyhow. It is very gentle, and even if you put your finger (or any part of the baby's body or clogged nose) over the inlet it does not clamp down.
  • Brian D. Zachel "Movie Maniac" - SainSonic 3d Glasses vss PanasonicThis is my first venture into the world of 3d television. I have yet to try the Panasonic glasses so I was conservative in my review of these glasses. They work very well. I had no trouble getting them to sync up with my television. I have to wear them down towards the tip of my nose...not because of the glasses but because I wear glasses and have a tri-focal prescription and have to position the 3d glasses so to avoid the "lines" in my own glasses. All in all...a great buy. Update 11-14-2011: I now have a pair of the the third generation Panasonic 3d glasses and did a side-by-side comparison. My findings are that there is virtually no difference in picture quality, or any other issue. They are bulkier than the Panasonics but find no glaring differences in 3d quality. The Panasonic brand features a mechanical slide on/off switch whereas the Sainsonic uses a momentary contact switch. Based on my experience I feel that the slide switch will fail before the momentary contact style of the Sainsonic brand. Not a big deal...just my observation. Unless you sit there and actually play with the switch on the Panasonic brand this will probably never become an issue. As to which one to buy...that will be your personal choice. If you want to save money buy the Sainsonic brand. If you absolutely have to have the Panasonic brand then go for it by all means. I have both and find neither to be a disappointment...ah yes!...forgot to do get a velvet pouch to store the Sainsonics in...the Panasonics have no storage except the box they come in.
  • imaleaper - Good for RunningThis is a great product for running. I've recently started going on long runs (~half marathon lengths) and this is the perfect companion for me. As long as you tighten the straps, it won't bounce on your back and is much better than carrying a water bottle.

    Pros: Easy to drink out of.
    Keeps things relatively cold for a 2 hour run.

    Cons: Can't fit much in the pocket. My phone won't fit in there with my keys and other things that I take on my run.