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  • Joel S. Teig "tigertoo" - Natural intestinal helpI have had terrible intestinal troubles with flatulence, cramping and episodes of severe long term constipation for the past 20 years. By the suggestion of my gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, I began taking Align in early February, 2009. What a change! My days are more comfortable, might nights are more relaxed and I feel better about myself.

    A great natural medication to reverse the effects of a bacterial imbalance in the intestines.
  • Joanne - Not a miracle pill but it works!I'd heard all the good stuff about garcinia cambogia so decided to give it a go.

    I bought this product after checking out its HCA content and the amount it gives per day which seems to be more than anyone else.

    I'm not massively overweight I just needed to move 14 pounds or so.

    I decided to do some exercise as well to give myself a chance even though I hate it:)

    Took a few days for the effects of the pills to kick in but I did feel less hungry - not sure if this is the pills or my positive attitude.

    Either way fast forward 20 days later and I'm half way to my weight goal without dieting or killing myself exercising.

    These pills work for me so I will be grabbing some more and hopefully by 6 weeks in I'll have reached my goal.
  • Jennifer Green - Great Buy!I love my Refurbished Kindle Fire. I am always a little leary about buying refurbished-but with the same warranty as a new one I figured why not (and buying it as the daily deal didn't hurt either). I find that I can't read my books for as long as I normally can on my regular kindle, but great for games & movies.
  • Karen J. Smith - Loved Paris!This was a fabulous guide to Paris & we loved that we were able to both download it to our iPads and not carry a heavy book around. This was the easiest to follow and made our trip fabulous! Can't wait to go back to see all in Paris we didn't have time for as well as the rest of France! BTW, the French people were very friendly & helpful everywhere we went!