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  • Ebonee Knight "Ebonee" - A jewel not a Plum!!!I have never read a "Plum" novel, so when I sat to read, "Full Tilt," my palate was clean. The attention to detail and all of the research that had to have gone into this book was phenomenal. Writing romantic comedy seems to flow naturally for this new "dynamic duo." The human qualities that Max's car possessed had me laughing out loud. I am not sure why the "Plum" fans assumed this would be another installment, but I am pleased with this offering. It is definitely a jewel to be kept in my eclectic collection.I am glad that Evanovich has stretched her writing talents and shared another facet of her gift by pairing with Hughes to leave me waiting for me. Rather than her fans disparaging this gem, they should stop typecasting this literary artist and move on to what is best suits their reading pleasure.Way to go, Hughes and Evanovich and many more to come, I can only hope!!!
  • B. Scalise - For Anyone Concerned with Medial Issues, Threre Are Three Books....Taber's Dictionary, Merck Manual encyclopedia of Medial issues, and the PDR.

    The PDR is THE reference for prescription medicine. Every doctor, every health facility, every medical insurer, and many others use this guide as the authoritative resource about prescription medicines. This book goes into much more detail than the small paper the pharmacist provides the patient with prescription information. This book goes into the real detail of prescription medicine. The data sheet provided to a customer may say that a certain folks experiences a certain side-effect. The PDR tells you the percentage of people that experienced it, out of a test group size, to give the reader a better feel for the potential for issues with the medication.

    For anybody concerned with, or interested in prescription medications, this is a "must have" guide.
  • Mariah Reynolds - Lovely, Touching, Frustrating and InspirationalI read this book with my son who was assigned it in his 12th grade English class. We talked about each section as we went a long, and I found that my son was able to keep up with it, which I think is a greeat accomplishment for a book, because it was able to satisfy us both. It's a LITTLE long and could use some editing, but still it's wonderful!
  • Sylvia P. - Good enough for Sylvia Plath's daddyYou do not do, you do not do,
    Any more, skim or two-
    Percent milk I have drunk like a dolt
    For thirty years, afraid of fat,
    Barely daring to eat or Achoo.

    Tuscan Whole, I just had to have you.
    You nearly sold out before I had time--
    Udder-heavy, nectar from God,
    Gleaned from the teats of placid cows
    Big as Frisco whales

    On a farm near the freakish Atlantic
    With grass bean green from the dew
    Dropped from smog that straddles the Hudson.
    I used to pray for milk like you.
    Ach, du.

    From the Russian tongue, from a Polish town
    Came Lou Borinsky, who founded you,
    Tuscan Dairy, in 1918.
    But the name of the town is common.
    My Polack friend

    Says there could be a dozen or two.
    So I never could tell where Lou
    Put his foot, his root. doesn't list Lou.
    Guess no Mormon will adopt Lou.

    My search got snared in Google ads.
    Buy, buy, buy, buy.
    The page would hardly load.
    They thought every milk was you.
    So many products it was obscene--

    Search engine, search engine
    Chuffing me off like a Jew.
    A Jew to Dachau, Auschwitz, Belsen.
    I think maybe Lou was a Jew.
    I think I may well be a Jew.

    The snow of my skin, fair flax on my head
    Are not very pure or true.
    With my ancestress burned as a witch
    And my Tarot pack and my Tarot pack
    I may be a bit of a Jew.

    I've always been scared to try you,
    Afraid I would fatten and start to say moo,
    And a white mustache
    Would cling to my lip like glue.
    Tuscan Milk, Tuscan Milk, O You--

    Named not by God but Borinsky,
    Dreaming of sky a Florentine blue.
    Every woman adores a Tuscan,
    Full of Chianti & amore, the lush,
    Lush heart of a lush like you.

    On your plastic bottle, Tuscan Milk,
    In pics Amazon has of you,
    A cartoon cow jumps a yellow moon
    But no less refined for that, no not
    Any less the suave Homo who

    Bid my pretty red heart "Be true."
    I was twelve when they took me from you.
    At twenty I gave up skim
    To get back, back, back to you.
    I thought maybe 2 percent would do.

    For years I filled the grocery sack
    With liquids that tasted like glue.
    And then I knew what to do.
    I searched Amazon for you--
    Tuscan Whole Milk, 128 fl oz--

    All that Amazon gobbledygoo,
    And I found it without ado.
    With pale milk I'm finally through.
    Google's ads are blocked at the root,
    The sponsors just can't worm through.

    If I've found one milk, I've found two--
    Tuscan Dairy Farms' TrueMoo,
    A chocolate dream come true.
    Only two percent, if you have to know,
    But otherwise just like you.

    Now there's a stake in the fat cat hearts
    Of corporations who compete with you.
    In Jersey they've always loved you.
    I'm dancing a jig and guzzling you.
    Tuscan Whole Milk, with other milks, I'm through.
  • A.Trendl "What should ... - Best Bat I Have OwnedBuy this Louisville Slugger because it feels right, not because it looks good. It looks great, but the features a hitter needs are in how it swings and how it connects. It does both well.

    The sense of balance is solid when ready to swing, as well as through the entire motion. Only real game time can test the sweet spot, but each swing and hit felt as it should. This is not the aluminum bat I had as a kid.

    For me, a batting cage and pick-up game enthusiast, I am pleased. It is the best bat I have ever owned.

    For those of you in a competition league, be sure to check if this bat is allowed. A great bat is only a great bat if it is permitted for use. With that caveat, I fully recommend the Louisville Slugger Z-1000.

    Anthony Trendl