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  • Kim Sansalone - Love, Love, Love this product!This machine is totally awesome! It makes a perfect latte! I used Godiva Vanilla coffee, vanilla syrup, and whole milk! I can't believe how perfect they are. The only bad thing is that the carafe is a little hard to clean around the heating element in the bottom....but not too bad if you do it right away! Would highly recommend this product! Also, it is 1/2 the price of Bed, Bath, Beyond!
  • Maurice A. Rhodes - Finally, someone has it rightAfter doing a lot of reading in modern philosophers looking for a view of morality that can stand alone (without the support of a god) here it is. I thought John Rawls was close but even he was wobbly at the end. And he was dealing mainly with political morality, not individual morality. But Sam Harris, in very clear prose and impeccable reasoning from scientifically valid experimental data, has shown that morality and the accompanying emotions charted on MRIs are a product of the human brain not some stone tablets thrown down from a mountain. There is a way to go but that is science. There is always new and better evidence but what Sam has presented in this book shows the right road to take.

    Religion does not offer evidence, but myth.