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  • W. Bison - Covers a lot of ground, and does so relatively easilyMy spouse and I have each done 4 things with this product: (i) prepared our wills, (ii) prepared our durable power of attorney for finances, (iii) prepared health care directives, and (iv) prepared our last wishes. We did so in a matter of a couple hours as well, and with relative ease. In fact, it was harder for us to gather many of the phone numbers, emails, and addresses of people we were listing in our will than it was to delineate what our wishes were, and make other "will" and other similarly important decisions. The software walks you through things step by step, providing you detail on what the various sections do, what selecting certain items means and what to consider as you do so, and provides you with a pretty easy step-by-step process for filling these things out. Moreover, when all is said and done and you've created you doc (whatever that doc might be), when you finally print the doc WillMaker Plus also includes a few cover pages explaining next steps, like what still needs to be signed within the document packet, by whom, if attorneys or notary publics are needed and so forth. Very helpful. They also provide similar guide info for people like executors named in your will (or other such roles).

    If you're looking for a relatively quick, painless, and practical way to get some of your important docs squared away which aren't overly complicated, without going to a lawyer to do so, then this might be a good first place to start.
  • Geraldine L. Koklich "Mission Girl" - Where there is no DoctorBest information for medical & non-medical people going on mission trips I have found. I have been on 15 trips to 4 different countries and I always take this book. It's always packed along side my Bible.
  • Barbara "Moccasin" - What a treasure!If you are into well made books, this one is for you. It is a work of art.

    It is a tribute to a young woman, Gennie Jones, who was inspired by John James Audubon, to supplement the areas of avian life (nests and eggs) omitted in his work. That she should have a family dedicated to completing her dream after her death at a very young age, is a tribute to family love and devotion.

    Originally I intended to give this book to my nun sister-in-law because it looked feminine and lovely in the Amazon presentation. Yet when it arrived, I realized that what she needed was a field guide and not this. No doubt I'd have bought a second copy to keep for our personal library.

    This is a hard cover book, by Princeton Architectural Press, with embossed cloth binding of the spine, which is entirely robin's egg blue, as are the end papers...colorful but classic, the boards themselves appropriately "eggshell" white, and smooth enough for a cover drawing to be printed front, and descriptive writing on the outside back cover. It has no dust cover.

    Quality paper, the portions such as the foreword, preface and index are in white paper stock, so you understand right away that this is the current information marshalled by Joy M. Kiser. A more subtle paper in tan is used to denote the portions from the original Jones text and illustration. This helps to distinguish when you leave today and go back to the world as Gennie and her family were putting it all together.

    Be sure to read the Foreword by the head of the Smithsonian libraries, explaining the unique value of the original work. Not many copies of the original exist, so this effort is a real treasure to bird lovers.