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  • L. Burr - Bravo Blizz!! Some of your fans need to lighten upThe game itself is without a doubt amazing. People have grips but the few hours I've played have been nothing short of enthralling. The graphics are polished, smooth and fluid... the interface is easy to use, the npc's are likable, and the story keeps things moving quite nicely. Oh and don't let me forget the sound of the abilities and background music.... phenomenal.

    ONLINE REQUIREMENT... i'm not sure blizzard had much of a choice here. With all the hacking and modding that came with D2 IMO blizz would have had to scrap both auction houses all together. Also, I always thought being able to change the game itself by bending the rules through mods, addons and hacks was a HUGE crutch to offline games. Don't get me wrong, I've used hacks and mods myself but i think overall they detract from the quality of the game and I applaud blizzard's stance on removing that element all together. Some people will complain about not being able to travel and play, but they are a small % of the gaming population IMO. Almost all the gamers I know play at home, in their favorite chair, with an internet connection... just sayin. ;)

    The shaky launch was disappointing. Blizzard has been in this business for a long time now and they have the money, time and manpower to avoid any kind of major launch hiccup. With that said, I'm not a developer, and I haven't seen a single online game that didn't have launch issues the first couple of days. with the exception of Rift maybe...

    OVERALL I'd say the game is spectacular and I can deal with a few days of connection errors as long as I get my $60 worth... and I think I will.
  • dmentedmedik - Increases Objects SizeThis product is awesome! At first I was skeptical, being it was such a small can, and the fact that I originally heard about it one of those unsolicited emails we all get. After reading the email reviews of the product, I was convinced!!! I had to order a can of it! I told some of my close friends about it, at they laughed at me, telling me that those ads were all lies, that what I was given by genetics is what I got, and was all I was getting... Well Phooey to them, I got the can in the mail last week, as well as a visit from someone at some government agency, he just wanted to make sure I was not illegally possessing Uranium. I filled out some papers, promising not to blow anything up with it, and I was on my way. I wanted to make sure that no one tried to steal it on the way home, so I kept it in the front pocket of my jeans. When I got home, I was still concerned about some evil person trying to steal it away from me, so I decided to carry it my pocket all the time. Now I never did read the directions or the safety warning that was on the outside of the can. If I had, I might not have all the problems that I now have. After a couple of days, I noticed a slight burning sensation in that one place you surely do not want to burn. I checked things out and did not notice anything that appeared to be wrong, so i put things away and went about my days. About a week later, I started to notice that my jeans were fitting a little tight, not in the waist mind you but lower. I thought maybe since it had been some days that maybe i was just relaxed. A few days ago though I noticed that I could no longer get my britches zipped up, as I was having a containment problem. I called my wife into the house to complain about her washing things in hot water again and shrinking my britches. She argued that she did no such thing. Well, I finally got everything packaged and tucked in and went about my business. That night my little lady was feeling a little frisky, and after we were done rolling in the hay, she said some pretty amazing things, after i convinced her I had not supplemented our time with any accessories, that was a little over nine months ago. Yesterday my wife gave birth to a bouncing, glowing baby boy. He weighed in at a little over 27 pounds, and has a warm glow to him. Now I know what you all are thinking, 27pounds, no way, but truly that is what he weighed. At first the doctor thought he had 3 legs, but after the examination, he determined that maybe I should not have carried that Uranium in my pocket, but my sons future wife will be glad I did. So be warned, this stuff works miracles!!!
  • Coffee "Coffee and a Book Chick" - Graphic, but A Must ListenAt first blush, Chevy Stevens' debut novel Still Missing (Winner of the 2011 Thriller Award for Best First Novel issued by the International Thriller Writers wouldn't be something I would consider for the R.I.P. Challenge VI, as it is neither Gothic or supernatural, although there is a mystery. I am reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which I love and would definitely count for the Challenge, so I thought this audiobook was more to while away the ten-plus hour road trip from Florida to Virginia last week. I wanted to try something a bit different, something suspenseful with an even better mystery to sort out.

    When Still Missing was first released, it garnered rave reviews in the blogosphere and the general view was unanimous that the reader should dive into the book not really knowing too much of the plot. Wise advice, so here's a snapshot: Annie is a young realtor holding an open house on a beautiful day by the water in a quiet residential neighborhood in Vancouver. By the end of the day, tired and packing up, waiting for her boyfriend to meet her for dinner, the last walk-in arrives. Debating if she should turn him away, she instead decides to go ahead and show him the house. He seems harmless enough.

    It was not what I was expecting. Since I plan to read more than four books for Peril the First, I am going to list this as my first book for the R.I.P. Challenge because there is a mystery and it is extremely scary.

    What follows after Annie shows the house to the last minute walk-in is terrifying. Told through Annie's first-person perspective to her therapist after the crime has been committed, it is disturbing and horrifying, witnessing Annie's terror from the abduction and other offenses that are committed. And while the reader (listener) is reeling from the events of the story, it is only then that you learn that there is much, much more to keep you up at night. While surrounded by a small circle of friends, Annie continues to be tormented by the realization that the horror may not be over yet and that those around her could very well be more than they seem.

    Chevy Stevens has certainly left her mark - while the subject matter in Still Missing was difficult and horrifying, it was a story that we couldn't stop listening to and it brought out a range of emotions for us. But I will not sugar coat this. This is an extremely tough story due to both the crime itself and the subsequent aftermath and mystery, and through an audiobook it is even more disturbing. However, since the story is told in first-person, the audio version seemed to suit the story best in that format, almost simulating the listener as Annie's therapist and engaging you into the story even more. Be warned - while an incredible and memorable story and one I recommend, the subject matter is graphic and violent. If you do listen to the audiobook, please let me know your thoughts.