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  • Olivia Romero "Video Producer" - A "Must Have" for Any Website DeveloperSEO 2012 And Beyond is an in-depth, but easy-to-read guide to creating a website that can survive and thrive in the post-Panda/Penguin world of search engine optimization.

    Anyone who has had their website(s) penalized by Google knows the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel. Not only does Andy answer the nagging question "why?" he boils down the secret to making Google happy to four basic areas. Taking each area in turn, the book provides clear, concise explanations which can be easily understood and applied.

    Keep this book handy because you will want to refer to it again and again.

    Well done!
  • Philologus - warm, lesbian medical romance at its bestThis is a wonderful, well-put together romance by radclyffe. It's a medical romance and as a former surgeon radclyffe makes all the medical aspects very life-like and convincing. Esp. the first two chapters are fun when she outlines the two main characters and sets them on their collision course to what will be ultimately a happy end. The road to this conclusion is bumpy, sweet, convincing and all what a romance reader may want. And the kids, esp. Callie are great to have - I esp. loved the little talk about birds, bees, girls and boys with Arly.
    Readers will meet again some well-loved characters of previous romances, esp. Honor Blake and Quinn of Fated Love, Jett, Linda, Robin etc. -- this is always an added bonus, but the romance can be well read as a stand-alone.
    Some of the settings and the way how the romance evolves remind me of Fated Love, but the whole romance is well worth between four and five stars. Good job!
  • harmony - Finally, Foundation is Fun! Good for Asian skin tone.I am really impressed with Bare Mineral foundation. I never used foundations before b/c I didn't like look or feel of foundations. I am 35 y.o. Asian woman and started to notice few sun spots and sun damage to my skin so I wanted something that would last all day since putting on moisturizer in the morning doesn't work all day. I was about to order Bare minerals makeup through their BM website but did not like automatic enrollment where they send you makeup every two months and charge you automatice billing. So I checked out Amazon and thankfully they had it. BTW, I really like Amazon store they have awesome prices and so convient. Also, buying thru amazon, the same product was slightly cheaper.
    I watched the DVD and I put the foundation on using their brush, I used "warmth" color on my cheeks, and used the Veil for shine control. I used Tan color because of my asin skin color and plus I have summer tan. I am Very Very pleased with my look. First it looks natural, it really brings out the warmth tone of my skin, and excellent shine control. 2nd, it does not feel like I have makeup on at all. It really enhanced my complexion, color, and great skin. I went for a walk outside in the afternoon during summer, foundation was still on very well and provided excellent sun coverage. My frekles did not pop out. Also, foundation did not fall on the lines of face, I felt I looked younger and radiant. It allowed my eye makeup and eye brow makeup to go on easier and smoother.

    I would recommend putting on moisturizer prior to foundation. But wait few minutes before putting on foundation after moisurizing. I use Olay complete moisturizer for sensitive skin with SPF15.

    Now I will be using BM foundation daily. It is fun to put it on!