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  • kari7178 - Finished in one dayAwesome book! Terrifying, fascinating, and insightful. Some of the low reviews talk about the ending. I liked it. The twist at the end was a little out there but, as it played out, it was easy to look back and see that it had been set up in such a way that it came together perfectly.

    I have two pre-schoolers and work full time and still managed to finish this book the same day I started it. I don't remember the last time I did that!

    Looking forward to more by this author!!
  • Happy Momma - Worked great!!I started taking Fertilaid for Women in April 2012 after having a miscarriage in January and got pregnant 2 weeks later. I noticed that I was frequently drowsy and nauseated and thought that the capsules were making me sick so I was going to stop taking them. Then I noticed that my nose was always runny so I started thinking that maybe i was just sick. When I went to the pharmacy to get some otc meds for my "cold" the pharmacist asked if i was pregnant which made me test. I tested positive 10 days after conception. I never finished the first bottle! :-D
  • george sand - Extemely deep/detailed storyI'm giving this a 5 star review not because every page held my total interest but for the detailed scholarship that went into the telling of the life forces that have shaped our president. Starting with the great grandparents and their lives in Kenya and Kansas, the reader is given a most intricate telling of all the persons, minor and major who had any influence on the lives of Obama's forbearers. At times I did find it boring but in the total picture, this book gives the reader the panoramic view of the life forces that shaped him even before his birth.
    Personally, I believe Obama will go down as one of our most breakthrough presidents in not just being the first Afro-American but in many other ways that we are too close in history to see
    I found the parts about Africa and Indonesia difficult reading because of all the strange names and places (to me that is) while the more familiar places in the US were easier to understand.
    This book is only up to the time when Obama begins Harvard Law School after leaving his work as a community organizer in Chicago and we see the trajectory of his life as he makes his emotional "trip" to find a center for himself. Inevitably Obama chooses a black identity and the reader just knows that Michelle will be the woman he will want to marry because she is the one he realizes will be his most helpful life partner.
    Obama was a brilliant student but also very human...smoked incessantly because of pressure that he only showed that way...indulged in pot and liked to throw back some beers at parties. Also liked girls and went with both races but was involved in 3 most serious relationships with white women.
    Although he saw very little of his mother. Ann still exercised a big influence on his life. His father, Barack ! was a miserable womanizing drunk who had a brilliant mind but it was wasted on his terrible character. His grandfather, Stanley. was more like a Willie Loman character while Tut (Madlyn) his grandmother probalby was one of the steadiest influences in his formative years when he returned to Hawaii from Indonesia.
    Not an easy read but for those who really want to delve deeply into Obama up to his Harvard Law Scool days. The author is going to write another book dealing with the ongoing story but who knows when that will finally be written. Obama has much to do ahead of him.
  • Elissa - Permanent Place on My CounterI absolutely love this product. I wouldn't say I am a coffee snob- but I have standards. I am a Starbucks Gold Member and former employee, I would never buy a latte from a gas station or a bowling alley, but this product is just fine by me. I am saving about $80 per month with this machine.

    Yes, this machine makes Cafe au Lattes, not traditional Lattes. Instead of making an espresso shot and putting that into steamed milk, this machine makes 4 ounces of coffee and puts it into 8 ounces of steamed milk (For a single serving). If you want to try this recipe before you buy it- go to your favorite coffee shop and ask them to make this for you or try to make it at home with warm milk (you won't get the froth though).

    I add my favorite Torani syrups (also purchased on Amazon)- 4 pumps (also purchased on amazon or can be found at a large discount beverage store) is equal to what you would get at a coffee shop. My favorites are Vanilla, White Chocolate, and Caramel. I opt for sugar free options and nonfat milk- making this cheap drink only 80 calories.

    My machine has been working perfectly for almost a year now. The frother works great, the milk is hot, and the coffee tastes good. It's no fuss design makes it easy to use as there are only two buttons on this machine. Latte or Milk only (allowing you to make hot chocolate), and On or Off. You can make up to 24 ounces at a time (2 servings). Clean up is easy- toss out the filter with the used grounds, rinse off the frother and carafe. The carafe cannot be submerged, but I rinse it off before I even drink my coffee and it cleans up nicely. I'll suds it up after every few uses. Sometimes the hot milk will stick to the heating plate- in that case I will quickly scrub it with some soap to loosen it.

    I'm very happy with this product. It has a permanent place on my counter and is used multiple times a week.
  • Sam Chon "dalaisama" - Why all the hate?Not sure why there are so many negative reviews of Quicken 2012. I've had no technical issues with the product and it works/behaves exactly as advertised. As a long time Quicken user, I appreciate the changes to the UI and the new reports I'm able to run relative to the 2011 version. Is it worth the cost of upgrade? perhaps - depending on what you expect to get out of a 1 year software rev cycle. If you're looking for more significant upgrades for your money, might be worth waiting til Quicken 2013. If you're looking for incremental improvements, as was I, I got the return on investment I was expecting.