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  • shart - Best lattes everI have always purchased hot lattes at Starbucks and coffee shops so I bought this for myself at Christmas 2012 hoping to make the same at home and save money. I have used this everyday since then and usually twice a day. I have had no problems with this machine and absolutely love the coffee. I add flavored coffee creamer to my coffee and no need for anything else. I don't know what I will do if it breaks down. I am planning on buying another one in case that happens though. I don't see how there could be any more expensive latte maker make any better than this. Love, Love, Love
  • Boda - Windows 8I used it to upgrade Windows 7 home on my Dell Duo 1090. the upgrade went smoothly. For those with the dell duo with problems with the stmicroelectonics driver bundelled with the dell duo, use samsung tablet driver, worked with no problems, downloadable from samsung website.
    It a different Windows look, take time to get used to, but when you set it up and get used to it, its great to work with.
    Kudos Microsoft.
    Samsung Download Page:
  • Scott Kettner - Will read again. Can't get enough Langdon.Read some of the other reveiws, and maybe since I'm not personnaly a world traveler, the description of the sites and locations in this book was not too much for me... if anything, I really enjoyed them. Brown did spend a good bit of time on locational set-ups and descriptions, I'll grant you that, but it is no different than any of his other Langdon books. I enjoyed this new installment immensely and I will say that the end was a surprise. I won't say more, but I will say that I ended up having a number of conversations based on some of the ideas posed in this book, and even went so far as to look up some of the theories. Pretty interesting stuff and from what I was able to learn, the book seems quite accurate. Highly recommend this book to anyone who is on the fence or has enjoyed the Robert Langdon series in the past.