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Westgate Medical Centre -Service of exceptional quality at affordable rates - Westgate Medical Centre -Service of exceptional quality at affordable rates


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  • Dorothy Adams - The best!!!!!!This software is one of the best I have seen as far as cooking goes. It allows searching by ingredients to find recipes for what you already have on hand in your kitchen, which is such a wonderful tool. The ability to add your own recipes with photos and to be able to figure out the nutritional values is great as well. Menu planning is essential in today's economy as none of us want to "overspend." In short, I have found this to be indispensable.
  • Kim D. Butler "kaydenison" - Tab 2 10.1 inch Wifi is Super !Tab 2 10.1 inch Wifi is Super !
    This is my first Tablet so I pretty impressed with all its capabilities and functionalities.
    I especially like being able to connect with my local library and have access to all the public domain books through OverDrive.
    And Netflix is also wonderful too.
    The camera functionality is also fun.
    I did add an extra SD for additional storage for photographs and music.
    Overall - I am pleased with my purchase.
  • Older Kindle version fan "Love the older Kindle" - Sometimes Older versions are much better than new onesI love my Kindle and was interested in newer versions. However, I soon changed my mind since the newer versions removed the SD card from the device. When it gets added back, I will consider a new version. If not, then I guess I will have to switch to a different vendor.

    I travel alot and live in an area where downloads take a long time. Losing what I have paid for and not having the SD option means a NO GO for me. Too bad, I love my Kindle. Thanks
  • Book Lover 2005 - Excellent Resource, Esther is a Master"8 Steps" is an amazing, beautiful resource. Esther offers classes on her technique in Palo Alto, CA, and I have been fortunate to attend in person. Esther's grace, knowledge, generosity and kindness are remarkable. This book's simple techniques are easy, do not take up any extra time in your day and bring rest to overworked and troubled areas. This book is NOT LIMITED to helping with just back pain, all parts of your body (including shoulders, knees and feet) will benefit. For less than $20 I am finally seeing the results I have sought via other avenues. Well, well worth the money.