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City: 92807 Anaheim, California

  • EarthCandyCreations - From a French girl : Best guide ever for Paris!I am originally from France and I love to go back to visit Paris. I also have two shops on Etsy selling French items, home decor,Jewelry etc.
    So when in Paris I need to make my buying and fun combined a success, no time to loose but still I want to have fun and be a tourist and not miss all the sights and restaurants to see and enjoy. This book is simply bursting with details on what to do, where to go, hours, best times, best prices etc. They are no other books equaling this one as I have checked them all ! I keep giving it away to tourists so I had to order a new one! Rick Steve is the absolute smartest guide!
  • PVJ "Tomato" - Important book - should be required reading!This book is essential reading for anyone who has ever been abused and for everyone who loves someone who is in an abusive relationship and wonders, "Why doesn't she just leave?"

    Victims stay for a lot of reasons - but perhaps the most ironic one is because they know they will be judged, whether they stay or they go and that. all to often they won't be believed. You see, in our culture, if a batterer has good qualities, perhaps he earns a good living, perhaps he's the go to neighbor when you need a jump-start, a deacon in the church, a great athlete - no one wants to believe that guy can also be a batterer. How do you leave the church deacon, who's loved by everyone, who supports you and your children? Pretty difficult. And on the other side there's the victim - the victim must be without fault. She must never have told a lie, never cheated on her taxes or had too many glasses of wine. You see a victim has to be perfectly virtuous and utterly innocent - the more human and flawed a victim is, the less she is believed. And God forbid a victim has some substantial short comings - say she/he had an affair or has an alcohol or drug problem - well, you can be sure she'll be called a liar. So victims stay and the longer they stay, the crazier the abuse tends to make them and the more the abuser looks like the sane one and the victim like the pyscho. That's what abuse does. Luckily, most victims eventually, and after many tries, do leave.

    I just want to thank Alyce Laviolette for writing this book and more importantly for standing by victims of abuse. It's a pretty thankless job what with victims going back to their abusers, and our society's entrenched archaic ideas about abuse, but you stand firm and you speak our truth. You are a hero. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Francois Parent "KanuK" - Former MS-Money User Loves Quicken 2011I must admit I was very disappointed when Microsoft announced that it was discontinuing MS-Money. I have been a faithful user since the early 2000 and was pleased with it. I also knew that the February deadline was coming fast and had no choice but move on to some other product. After searching for various alternatives, both online and standalone, I ended up selecting Quicken Home and Business 2011 (being self-employed I need the business module).

    At first I was quite nervous about Quicken's ability to load almost 10-years worth of history and be able to make sense of it. To my surprise, and delight, Quicken did a splendid job loading all my accounts (and I have many of them: 8 credit cards from various Banks, 3 bank accounts, 8 investment and retirement accounts). In most cases, Quicken was able to set the online banking connections to my financial institutions. It did miss a few that it label as "unavailable". I was able to fix those with little effort by following these steps; 1) start the process for adding a new account, 2) select the financial institution, 3) enter the login information and password, 4) when the financial institution presents you with your account number(s), use the drop-down choice to link each one to one of your imported account. That's it! As far as I can tell Quicken offers at least the same choices of online banking than MS-Money did, if not more.

    I also made some changes to the program preferences. For example, I did not like the fact that by default Quicken automatically enters new downloaded transactions in their registers: I like to view them first. Fortunately, there is a setting for this and now a red flag appears beside my accounts in the account list (sidebar) so I know when to review them. Also Quicken by default shows the current balances in the account list, not the ending balances which I find more useful. By right-clicking on the account list I was able to change that. Also, by default Quicken is not set to automatically refresh my stock quotes every 15 minutes, so I changed that too. One thing that Quicken did that I did not care for, is that it set up a separate cash account for each investment account. Fortunately, Quicken has a setting to take care of this: 1) click on the investment account in the account list, 2) click on the "account actions" button, 3) select "account details", 4) set "show cash in checking account" to "no".

    Regarding the business module, Quicken was not so good at importing my invoice history. For some reason, my paid invoices came in with a zero amount and the customer payments were missing their categorizations. Because of that, my Schedule C was missing all my income for 2010. To fix this I manually added the missing categories to each of the customer payments, making sure to separate income from expenses. Now my Quicken Schedule C matches the one from MS-Money. That was a big concern.

    Overall, this migration from MS-Money to Quicken was fairly painless. I would say that I spent about 5 hours to ensure that everything was set up to my liking. I still need to learn more about Quicken and its intricacies but so far it's a winner!
  • stampdeler - Like it better than 2012 VersionOnce you get used to using the 2013 version, I find it easier to see and use. Replaced 2012 version because every time I had a computer cash, and did a system restore on it, my 2012 version data was corrupted. One crash since 2013 installed and no data problems after system restore. A real plus. Been a user of this soft ware for a long time, and definitely like it. Have recommended to friends for their use.