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  • Peter Von Nessi "Ebook Reader" - A Business Productivity Staple!MS Office is the business suite software by which all others are measured. While as a Mac person I can't stand Windows, this office suite has been a staple of my business report production for many years. I especially appreciate the integration between Excel and Word making it easy to fashion quality documents with update capability quite easily. A must have addition for any Mac doing serious business work, especially in an integrated Windows-Mac environment.
  • jeanne - Glad I picked this one!!Perfect size, portable and movies play and sound amazing! This tablet may not have tons of bells and whistles but that is not what I wanted it for. I love movies and when I can't sleep at night I reach for this and find a favorite movie, place it(in its case) on my chest and kick back in my recliner and usually end up falling asleep! I just love my Kindle Fire HD!! Thanks Amazon!! :)
  • mary knight - orgreenic 10" nonstick skilletI LOVE my Orgreenic skillet. One thing they don't mention in the ads: I can get distracted while cooking, and (in my old skillet), next thing I knew, I had a smoky house because I'd forgotten about the stove. Today, I was absentminded again. I had two eggs in the brand new Orgreenic skillet, no oil or butter, then went to the basement to do a laundry, got involved in cleaning, and 45 minutes later, remembered my eggs. I dashed upstairs, certain there would be a smoke-filled house and a ruined skillet. However, there was absolutely no smoke, no charred food, just overcooked eggs (the cooktop was set on medium-6). There was not even anything to clean up! This is when I decided I love my skillet. This would be a great item for busy or forgetful people. The next eggs I made did not stick to the skillet at all. So, I highly recommend this item. NOTE: I took great care to season my skillet per the instruction manual. I seasoned it twice, in fact.
  • Daniel M. Williams - Dr. Dan weighs In on this physician-written MCAT review Length:: 5:46 Mins

    Why have a physician guide your MCAT review? Because you need to learn to think like a physician while taking the test!

    Dr. Dan from the Medical School Podcast explains how to use the Gold Standard MCAT book while you're taking the medical school prerequisite courses. Learn the MCAT material from the very beginning and save yourself a lot of time!

    Good luck,

    Doctor Dan