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  • R. Jones - Painless OperationThe short and sweet of it is that does everything like it says. WiFi feature is great. The fax works without any problems. Print, scan and copys without a hitch. Holds a lot of blank paper so refilling is not very often. The direct email feature is simply awesome; you sign up for an email address that when you send anything to this email it automatically prints on your machine! You can actually take a pix on your cellfone and send it directly to your pinter and have it waiting for you when you get home.
  • dona - It works!I can't even say how bad my constipation was. I had gone several times to the doctor and they performed colonoscopy and all tests to rule out colon cancer. I even had a test for ovarian cancer which is one of the causes of constipation. Everything came out negative. I started suffering back in October 2011. I thought I would give this a try. Well, what do you know? It worked! I did have to wait around two weeks until it started working and now I am regular. I drink coffee in the morning and right after, I am ready to go. I take it at night before bed in combination with stool softener. I am a happy camper! I only hope it doesn't stop working, it's been a life saver
  • Roger Pervich - Still Lactose IntolerantI know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "if you're so lactose intolerant, what the hell do you think you're doing drinking Tuscan Milk?"
    Well A) I don't appreciate your tone and B) stop swearing at me.
    I watched the movie "Under The Tuscan Sun" and came away with the idea that Tuscany is a font of healing. That Diane Lane was just a disaster but she went there and ate all those bowls of noodles and now look at her! She married Josh Brolin.
    [UPDATE: they are divorcing. Perhaps another trip to Tuscany is in order]
    Are Italian cows more nutritious than American cows? Is their milk more invigorating? What types of grasses do they eat: wheat grass? lawn grass? Easter? Is Italy closer to the sun? If I drink their milk, will I soil myself by midmorning? These are all questions I sought to answer.
    Fact: I should have been more thoughtful about how I planned my day after consuming a 48 oz glass of Tuscan Whole Milk and a wedge of melted brie. Why I chose to take a leisurely swim at the pool directly after is still a mystery to me. Again, my most profuse apologies to the members of the Senior Ladies Swim Club as well the participants of the Family Open Swim. The parents present there were particularly horrified.
    Although my expirement ended in humiliation and mass hysteria, I still have to give Tuscan Whole Milk 5 stars because it is delicious and filling and I detected notes of oak and boysenberry when I drank it. I have no explanation for why a cow would be consuming such things, but who am I to question it? It is what it is.
  • Shannon S. Ash "ShannonAsh" - Results Validated - It's a BOY!Was intrigued by this product, so had to try it. Tested it out this morning at 0500 (no sleeping for soon to be third time parents!) and the product was absolutely definitely 100% green. No ambivalence - both DH and I saw the same results after following directions precisely. So according to the test, we should be expecting a boy. BTW - the instructions say to use a "white background" under the test, i.e. a paper plate. Well, if you deconstruct the box carefully, the inside is - guess what - WHITE! So I took the box apart and used the box as my "white base". A "green" tip. (Pun intended). ADDENDUM: Found out via ultrasound today this little stinker is indeed a boy! Was fun to do. As the test advises, wouldn't paint nursery or other "drastic" things based on it though. A Boy!
  • J. White - Excellent UpgradeI installed the software without any problems on a Windows 7, 64 bit machine. The software worked well with few issues observed during testing. One of the new features included in AutoCAD 2013 is cloud storage capability. The software is able to sync files onto a cloud operated by Autodesk and thus make files available to others in or outside the organization. Included in the products price is 3 Gb of online storage. This feature seemed to work well except for an occasional sync error. I am confident based on prior use of Autodesk products that the company will work hard to address significant issues with release of one or two service packs.

    Other features such as PDF worked fine. Compatiblity with earlier AutoCAD drwings was also satisfactory.

    I have used almost all of the competing products out there and there is really nothing better than AutoCAD. The strength of the product comes mostly from the logically thought out and intuitive basic drawing tools. I assume these tool designs are patented because none of the competitors seem to "get it".

    I see this software as an excellent upgrade to an already fine product.