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  • India - Amazing! Buy, you will not regret it!This product was so amazing I had to write a review. I have shoulder length type 4a/4b hair and when I shampoo my hair it normally just looks really frizzy with no defined curl pattern. I washed my hair with As I Am cowash and I WILL use it for as long as they make it! My curl pattern was so defined and my hair looked perfect. I wish I could just wear my hair with the cowash in it! It also removed all other product build up and washed out easy. Perfect product, I recommend 100%.
  • Martin Christensen - great productMeets all of my needs. I am able to utilize this tablet for almost everything I used my laptop for. Definitely worth considering if you are looking.
  • dheckel77 - Easy, straight forward and the reports are greatQuickBooks truely makes it easy for us non accountants to keep track of our company's finances. Entering information is easy as they guide you right through it. Then once the information is in, you can slice and dice the information in so many ways with their prebuilt reports that it makes it so easy to understand exactly where you are financially.
  • Raeann W. Smoot - Orgreenic KitchenwareI have read the other reviews and I'm puzzled. They ranged from awful to fantastic. Very simply, I find this pan to be fantastic. I have my cast iron skillet and I have my egg skillet. The orgreenic pan is the ONLY skillet I will ever cook eggs in again. I have been using this pan for two years and it is as good as it was when new. My only problem is that I can't find any other pans like this besides the 9" pan.
  • Libbi - Great book!What is dating, really? Is it a way to find a future spouse, or is it just an unnecessary evil we try to justify? In this deep, down-to-earth book, Joshua Harris shows some of the downfalls of stereo-typical dating. Fortunately for those pessimistic, he does so in an orderly, non-condemning manner. Unlike many books that discourage dating, Joshua Harris reveals not only the problem, but the answer. In a book perfect for it's time, I Kissed Dating Goodbye is a wonderful book, showing the joy that comes from a pure heart.
    This book is superb. Utterly perfect. Our generation needs this book. I enjoyed his stories, analogies, and use of scripture, and his writing style made me feel like we were lightheartedly chatting over coffee. I loved this quote, {in reference to compromise, dating, or whatever you feel like sticking in..."
    "Everyone around us may be doing it. But at the end of our lives, we won't answer to everyone. We'll answer to God."
    Whoa. Deep.
    I would rapidly recommend this book to everyone within dating age, {which, in today's culture is very, very young}This book gets the point across clearly, while not being graphic in the least. I really had to check myself when he spoke about not wasting our singleness. I feel this book will always have a place in my top five books, and I believe, should you read it, that it will be in your top reads as well!

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    This book was given to me for free from Waterbrook Publishing for this review