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  • Bobby Blue "A kid at heart" - 5 stars but need more timeThere are a zillion review on this pan. I followed the instructions and so far I am happy with the pan. However, my eggs to not slide out of the pan onto a plate. Yes, the pan is non-stick but I have to use a flipper to loosen scrambled or sunny side up eggs so they can slide in the pan but the pan now has egg on it that does not loosen. This makes it impossible for me to make them "over light" so I simply put a lid on the pan when it comes to the flipping the eggs over part. Pretty much of everything else I used the pan for slides in the pan at the beginning up and the end of the cooking process.

    Even with the egg situation I honestly tell you that cleaning is so easy. After a cooling down I run warm water over the pan and whatever is in there flows right out. I use a paper towel with the rising. The pan appears to be clean but I still had wash it when I do my dishes.

    I need more time because some reviews state that this pan is good for a couples weeks, months, etc. Time will time tell.

    A final thought - I have the original Green Pan Signature Series for quite a long time. According to the reviews posted here at Amazon these Orgreenic pans are nowhere in the same league. I bought this Orgreenic because of the TV commercials and all the advertising in the stores I became over curious and purchased one.

    If you are budget minded or money strapped you may want to have a second thought about purchasing this pan. I say this only because there are a high number of ratings in each of the 5 stars. Use that as a tool for making a decision. I use this as a guide when I buy. Reviews are the best indicators
  • Char - Totally makes sense!Finally!!!! Someone listened....one of the worst feelings you can have is when your doctor doesn't believe how healthy you eat, because of your weight. Thank you for The Plan....looking forward to saying goodbye to all trigger foods...and hello to food that has been off of my dinner table tor years!