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  • Frederick E. Hutchings - Historical Perspective.Seems to be a well researched description of "biblical" time. Excellent bibliography and reference sections. Reads almost like a good novel. Well paced and answers a lot of questions that the Bible only leaves unanswered. I started it when I received it, putting another book aside, and finished it 5 days later. When I wasn't doing routine stuff, I had this book in hand. It is now circulating through a que. I hope I get it back. The line is long. Found out about this almost by accident, having read about it in columns by writers from the Washington Post. They were castigating an interview of the author by someone in FOX news. Knowing how FOX news shades things in their own interest, I had to purchase the book. Absolutely NO regrets. A permanent part of my library. Thanks...
  • Mary Collis - A large ray of hopeAfter suffering psoriasis for many years and using every potion from the pharmacy and doctor, all having only temporary results, my husband was relieved to find a physician who had written down a practical, balanced programme to beat psoriasis and ecxema. Seeing these skin ailments as coming from within, and one of the body's last attempts to rid itself of toxins, he sees external creams as only controlling symptoms. By means of mostly diet, but also some other alternate methods, this practitioner shows how to rid yourself of toxins that have built up over the years, and how tos top them coming back. The photo results are more than amazing. My husband's condition is not as bad as those in the myriad photos, but he can't wait to be rid of the itchiness and ugly scars. Finally someone has come up with a cure to what medicine can never cure, or even help much. The books is well documented with research.
  • Eduardo Fernandez R - excellent buyreally do not understand why such bad reviews ... is a fast, silent printer, paper can not be easier to install ... for this price can not ask for more ... bad? installation is a bit complicated because there are multiple disk drivers and some are not of this machine ... but from the other reviews here are excellent tips to make it work ... if your selling point is based on the web you have to adjust the margins in the browser ... other than that ... a good buy ...
  • becky - This plan works for me, when excercise diet did nothing for hypothyriodism.I would highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with weight gain and any other hypothyroidism systems. I saw Lyn-Genet Recitas on Dr Oz about a month ago, Jan something of 2013. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and Inflamed thyroid. After going to my GYN and getting on levothyrozine, he referred me to an endocrinologist, then a cardiologist. Complications arose of high blood pressure and chest pains and uncontrollable weight gain carried in the middle of my body, no matter how little I ate or how much I exercised. Lyn-Genet mentioned the thyroid menu in the back of this eye opening book proposing the each person is reactive to different foods in their own individual system. This is working for me. The book gives you a day to day menu to follow with also a menu for thyroid patients, which got my first attention, and delicious recipes. I have lost 10 lbs in 20 days , but have been on vacation eating out for ten of them. Took the book with me,now back home and starting from the beginning again to continue to lose more weight, by the way lost 3 lbs on vacation, my blood pressure is down , no chest pains starting to feel like myself and NO OTHER remedy has worked but this. Still on a low dose of Levothyriozine but my life has turned around. Don't skip this book if you have thyroid issues, you will not be sorry and get your life back.