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  • Cali girl - Finally something that really works!!!I have struggled with BV since I was a teenager. I would try just about anything to cure my BV. I have consulted multiple doctors to help me with my problem. I have taken flagyl more than enough times. The Flagyl cures the infection only for it to come right back. I have taken flagyl so many times the smell of it makes me sick. I refused to take flagyl anymore I decided I would just deal with the problem. I looked on line and found some probiotics that deal with that problem. The probiotics helped a little but just a little to finicky to use. I would have to go through this whole regimine if I had an out break. I still found that better than flagyl. I know the things we go through just to be comfortable.I came on Amazon to reorder some more probiotics when I ran across the water works product.I bought one and after the first use I was thrilled a day had passed no symptoms. It has been a little under 2 months and I have been very happy with this product. I even bought one for my best friend. My confidence has been restored. I feel good about my self. I can finally be confident with my body. Thank you so much for loving women enough to develop this technology.

    WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing System
  • Patricia "Smart buyer" - Easy to use.My doctor suggested I try this. Thought it may help my allergies. I used it and found it easy to incorporate into my daily life. I saw no improvements in my system...maybe a little more energy in the first few days, but I don't think I'd try it again.