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  • Tekus "The Chaos Within..." - Yes its worth it...I never considered myself a fan of Symantec products but this particular version of AV software is good for the money The program itself integrates well with Windows OS but I feel is often lacking in flexibility as other AV software out there. I think this is both good and bad since many users are happy with a system that works to protect them instead of having a system they have to work 'on' to configure.
  • Lisa - absolutely essential read!It is so reassuring to develop my birth plan based on evidence and thoughtful weighing of risk and benefit. I also hope that my hospital and doctor will be more inclined to respect our wishes having solid science behind them rather than an emotionally based plan. Thank you Emily! I admire the work and thought you have put into this book and allowed so many to benefit from .
  • Decisiveshopper101 - Exactly what I neededI need software that could help me manage and track my money quickly and efficiently without a learning curve hassle. And this does just that. In a matter of minutes after inputting my financial info I figured out where I was going over budget and was able reclaim that income. Also it take the guess work out of figuring out what bills need to be paid from week to week with out overspending and it tracks income from different sources. Bottom line if you need a assistant that does not talk to assist you with tracking your money letting you know when to pay bills, this is what you are looking for.