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  • June Niece - Gorier than "Jack the Ripper"But I like this sort of science 'tell all'. Who knew there was so much to tell about parasites? Well written, if entertaining is the hallmark. It altered my perception of the world around me. First the details of one creature devouring another from within seems horrible. But then the importance of balance between host and parasite mollifies one's disgust ... But not entirely. We smugly think we are free of parasites in this day and age. But our escape is fleeting, and only enjoyed by a small percentage of humankind, and not at all by the rest of life forms on the planet. Alli
  • MR Dad - Forget the rest, go with the bestLike the rest of you, I was a doubter after reading some of these reviews. But when it came time for me to connect my DENON RECEIVER to my DENON CD PLAYER, I knew that I would only be satisfied with the best connection possible.

    I'm writing this review from the hospital, so forgive me if I go off on a tangent. The pain medications make me a little woozy.

    The packaging for the product was phenomenal. I posted an "unveiling" video on Youtube. You can watch that videio if you want more info about the packaging. Search for "Cable" on Youtube.

    After my dog dide, I was really sad. I posted a video about his life on youtube too. Search for "My Dog Died."

    The DENON CABLE was surpisingly short. I had expected a bit more length. I guess I should have read the description. However, at only $169/inch it's cheaper than a good quality mail-order bride and will probably cause you much less heartache. (Katarina, please come back to me if you read this.)

    I debated calling a stereo technician to install the cable, but it was late on a Friday and I didn't want to wait, so I decided to do it myself. That ended up being a bad idea, but I'll get back to that later.

    Installation was surpisingly complicated. The back of the DENON RECEIVER had about six million connections and it looked like some type of octopus made out of wires back there. It reminded me of that movie with that octupus thing with legs made out of wires...

    THE MATRIX!!!!!!!! OMG I FINALLY REMEMBERED. That kept me awake all last night (that, and the pain, I suppose). Remember those octopus looking things with legs that look like wires from the Matrix??? Put a bunch of those in a line, shrink them down about 100x, lay them on their sides, and that's what the DENON RECEIVER looks like from the back. For those of you who have never seen the back of your receiver, go back there right now and look and tell me if that's not exactly what it looks like.

    Katarina loved Keanu.

    She loved my dog too.

    I can't continue this.

    Buy this cable, but don't try to connect it yourself or you may end up in the hospital like me.

    Thank you for your time.
  • M. P. Adams - Pretty cool vac!Never thought I would be excited about a vacuum cleaner after all it's just a vacuum cleaner but it is indeed pretty cool. First it is the quietest cleaner I have ever used. It is simple to use and really works well with pet hair. The only negative is that it must be emptied because it does not store much. This of course is not really a negative just something you must get used to. Overall I am pleased. I'll let you know how I feel in a few months.
  • M. E Flanagan-Paull "molly123marshall" - Finally, some relief for my armI recently broke my arm and had surgery. After 2 weeks of wearing a cast, protocol is rehab with a removable cast, which is painful. Heat has provided relief and improved my motion ability. I was reluctant to spend so much money on a heating pad, but I'm so glad that I did. This pad is incredibly soft and warm. It heats up quickly and it's easy to control. I'm so happy with my purchase.
  • Suzette - EASY TO USEI love my Roku! I have been thinking about getting one for over year and finally made the purchase a month ago. It is extremely easy to use and I love the headphones in remote feature.

    My only issue was that when I used the headphones, the volume would cut in and out. As I have only used them once, I am not sure if the issue is with the headphones, signal or remote - I still love it!