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  • Michael Chandler - May take time, repeated applications but product WORKSHad two warts frozen off by a dermatologist, but it wasn't until I used this product that they went away & NEVER came back. Save appointment-making time and perhaps even a few bucks, and get this product. It make take a few zaps over a period of a few weeks, but eventually, warts will disappear. Follow instructions closely so as not to permanently damage or scar affected area.
  • Lumpy Space Queen - Works Perfectly (for me)I'm a woman of color and often feel like products like these aren't able to work for me (oily/combination skin). I recently changed birth control pills, which brought back my horrible teenage acne, which can possibly be attributed to a change in hormones. My teen acne was treated with Retin-A, which didn't produce good results even after months of use. I also have extremely sensitive skin and can only use certain soaps or body washes... Using new things with fragrances has caused chemical burns, rashes, itchiness, breakouts, etc.

    Anyway, after trying several drugstore washes, creams and scrubs, I decided to try Proactive as a last resort. My sister's friend kept recommending it to me, and I was afraid it would tear up my face. Thankfully, there's a machine in my local mall that sells the product in different sizes/packages without signing you up for a subscription. I recently picked up the 30 day trial and didn't think it would work.

    Thankfully, it's only been 2 weeks, and my aggressive (possibly cystic) acne has cleared up, except for a few spots. I'm 29 and my skin is starting to look really nice, and blemishes are starting to heal. I am surprisingly pleased with this, even though I didn't think it would work.

    I'm just using the 3 step kit, morning and night. It came with the mask, but I haven't used it yet. A warning though, this stuff WILL make your acne worse before it gets better (which I assume is the product clearing all the existing gunk out of your skin). The first few days had me livid because I didn't think it was working, but stick with it at least a few weeks. The scrub burns a bit at first, and it is drying, but you can use a moisturizer with sunscreen after applying the step 3 product - just make sure the step 3 lotion sets/dries first.. My nose used to peel excessively, and now it's not as bad, so for me, that's an added bonus.

    Hope this review helps some people, especially other apprehensive WoC contemplating a purchase of this product. If you have a Proactiv vending machine in your mall that sells it, the price is slightly higher than the TV ads, but you have the added benefit of getting it immediately without shipping costs, and not being roped into the subscription.
  • Joshua - Simply InspiringThis is just an all around good book for those who want to understand data, how to visualize data, and what tools to use. The book is a piece of art but what's inside makes it even better! There's a little code, tool resources, and much more. Here's a great way to know if the book is for you. Go to Nathan's well known site: and if you like what he's writing about then for sure you will love the book.