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  • Dr. Victor S. Alpher - Well Written and Well ConceivedI suppose from what I hear that Ann Coulter is a "polarizer." However, I think this comes more from people who have seen her on television, but who have not read a word she has written. When I heard her comment to Sean Hannity on the radio that she takes the bus (and seemed proud of it), I decided to read this book.

    I was not disappointed. As a trained scholar who appreciates good writing, a good argument, and a well thought out opinion, I cannot recommend this book more highly. It is timely (how some of the material was included so soon after events is a publishing marvel), reads like a page-turning novel.

    One part of the book is a true highlight that will stand the test of time, and goes beyond contemporary politics. This is her chapter on the Confederate flag, and the source of our military might and culture. It is almost definitive, if anything can be on the subject. I've seen a t-shirt that is recently popular....it has a Confederate battle flag (the square one, which by the way, was never the "political" flag of the Confederate States of America. Beneath it says..."If this flag offends you, you need to read some American history."

    I would add, if that flag offends you, you need to read some Ann Coulter! Way to go, Ann! If only we crossed paths (never in liberal Austin, I reckon....)
  • chelsea - Recommended :)Absolutely love my kindle fire HD !! Take it every where and very light and portable tablet ! Clear view and adjust to my light. Very happy to have purchase this tablet and would recommend. My sister ha purchased the apple tablet mini same time I purchased my kindle and both do the same features mine was just extremely cheaper so happy to save !
  • juliewhitmire "Julie Whitmire" - Latest Milady EditionThe New Edition of the milady Textbook is AWESOME!! It's come along way since I was first in School in 1991!! I love the left handed proceedures that they added, I had a real hard time trying to teach a left handed person and the new addition to this textbook realy helpeed! Great Procedure Pictures! I suggest every school to upddate to this Edition.