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  • Donovan Morrow - The Pen is Mightier than the, Well, You'll See!My name is Vanessa, well, it used to be Frank, but that's the point of this review. All my life, through my years as a college football player and professional bodybuilder, in the military as a training Sargent, and even during my time as an Ultimate Fighter, something felt wrong. I was lost, confused. I fell on hard times. I was arrested as one of the organizers of a rabbit fighting club. As I was being processed into the Jail, I was told to sign my paperwork. The officer at the counter handed me a pen. But, dear goodness, what a pen. It was like a sliver of lavender sunset, a bolt of elegant lightening. As my thick, ungainly fingers grasped it, a chill sang up my spine. A soft smile parted my lips. What a pen! Tiny glittering letters announced the name "Bic Cristal for Her!" For her! For her! For me!! So much pain unravelled in mere seconds. I wasn't Frank, hirsute and hulking, I was Vanessa! Vanessa loves kittens, ecru cashmere sweaters and volunteering at the food bank. Vanessa doesn't feel lost, Vanessa crochets. Vanessa doesn't set snarling bunnies at each others throats. Vanessa writes checks to the local SPCA, and signs them with a Bic Cristal for Her.
  • honest_review - The only thing that worked!This product is amazing!! I had dealt with BV for almost a year. My doctor had given me two different prescription meds. I would be fine while on the medication but only a day or two later it would be back. I then tried every over the counter medicine I could find and as soon as I was finished with the product it would be back again. After doing much research online to try to find a cure I came across Rephresh and decided to give it a try. I used the Rephresh gel every 3 days as directed for 6 weeks. At the same time, I used the Rephresh Pro-B Supplement (one in the morning and one at night). I am so happy to say that the BV is gone! I am no longer using the gel except after intimacy with my husband (to keep my PH balanced), and am only taking one supplement a day now. There were times over the first few weeks that I thought it was getting worse, but gradually it got better and better until it was gone. I highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing BV. It works!!
  • OnlineShopper "WebShopperNY" - Maybe the best way to buyUsed to buy this through Office Depot every year to get the updates and rebates. In 2012, found retail package online that was same or less than price after rebates. In 2013, cut out the packaging and just watched for the cheapest price. Timing has worked out where buying older version just before the new version comes out. Once installed, get free upgrade to latest version when it's released. Once downloaded, just install and burn backup copy to CD. Norton usually ranked best or 2nd best antivirus/internet security. Has great protection record with me.