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  • Crickett "Devourer of Books" - Hysterical and useful funCameron Tuttle is a goddess. Sure, some of the ideas in here aren't the most practical, and you'd have to be pretty gutsy to do a number of the things she recommends. However, this book and her previous book are filled not only with nifty, useful information but also with funny (and sometimes poignant) anecdotes from people other than herself, so you can get another point of view. I would recommend this book to *any* woman who needs an esteem boost, some helpful hints, or just a really good laugh. Matter of fact, I've already purchased more copies to give to other friends as gifts. I LOVE THIS BOOK!
  • Syke27 - Zeno is the answer I neededCAUTION - this device is not for cystic acne or serious cases of Acne Vulgaris. It's for the random pimple or zit you get every now and then. The trick is to catch them when you feel them coming in. The heat from the device somehow makes the pimple go away in like 24 hours. I tried it for the first time on a pimple I could feel on my cheek. I used the device just once for 2.5 minutes as directed and immediately the pain was gone. The next day there wasn't even a bump.

    I've read some other reviews that talk about how it didn't work and they've tried everything even Accutane and Strivectin. If Accutane didn't work for you, don't even attempt this device, that's not the point. It also isn't going to work on white heads - think about it, you have an infection with dead white blood cells. Nothing but manually popping it is going to make it magically disappear.

    Bottom Line - this device is a god send for the random pimple. Keep it with you in your purse (if you carry one) or at home in the medicine cabinet like I do (I'm a guy and don't carry a purse). You'll love this.
  • Vickie Hegyi - Great little information bookI just love all the new guides and counters in the book. Since I am a diabetic, I carry this handy little book everywhere I go so that I can check on the number of carbohydrates I eat. The only other change would be to include Vitamin K content in the food. Over all, The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat, & Carbohydrate Counter 2013 is just great to keep handy.
  • Monica Crouch - Easy PeasyMy husband and I started the Plan 1 1/2 weeks ago. I have lost 5.5 pounds; he has lost 7 pounds. We're still testing foods, so there are ups and downs. The best part is that my craving for sweets is gone and I awake refreshed mostly every day. I have a long way to go weight-wise, but with wine and chocolate in the evening, I know I will make it there!