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Yasmin Malhotra Expounds Upon Importance of Community Service - Yasmin Malhotra believes in helping others. She knows that, through her service, she is able to create a better community.


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  • Kenpoguy - Great guide for first time Disney visitorWe took this book on our recent first trip to Disney, it was great!This book is especially helpful for those who are new to the parks and and are overwhelmed about what to do and see. There is plenty of helpful tips on the best times for attractions and shows. Each park and area of Disney is covered so you dont have to buy a seperate book. This one has it all from magic kingdom to downtown disney to typhoon lagooon, and if you dont know the difference this book will explain it all.
    At each park the book gives certain attractions its "birnbaum best" grade-these are must sees. We found them to be very accurate the attractions they reccomended were indeed the things we would have regretted missing.
    I initially picked this book because unlike other disney guide books it has plenty of pictures. If you are new to Disney then you will know how this is helpful. Information about disney resorts and places to eat at the park were also inlcuded.
    At each park description you are given a color map. This is pretty much the same map that you get at each park when you are at disney. We referred to this each night as made our plan of attack for the next day.
    I give it five stars because it gives you everuthing you need for your Disney trip. It is colorful with lots of pictures and reads like a magazine instead of a boring tour book from AAA. Of course once you go to Disney and experience each park you probably wont need it again. But for the price it will save you the headaches of figuring out what to do and where to go first.
    Excellent resource.
  • woodstown - I'm a long time Balko reader and this exceeded expectationsThis book exceeded my expectations spectacularly. It wasn't a rehash of a bunch of "Agitator" blog posts- it gave a concise history of policing, where policing has gone wrong in the past, and it spelled out the missteps of politicians making policy based on emotions and anecdotes. The 3rd amendment history lesson is fantastic.
    Radley does a great job attacking the system and reiterating that it's not really a "bad cop" thing. He takes an unflinching look at what's going on now and how we've arrived here, without digging up the ghosts of Anslinger and other long-dead drug war propagandists.
    He offers some well-thought out solutions to address the problems pointed out.
    When I finished the book, I wanted to address policy issues and try to help fix the "system" vs go out and beat some abusive cops. I think that's a huge win.
  • Jodi Lincoln - 2 Kindle Fires....2 Thumbs Up!This Kindle Fire was a gift for my sister and she has loved it. This is my second refurbrished Kindle Fire to purchase from Amazon.com. The first one was for my personal use and I have owned it just days under one year. I have loved it and have not had a single issue with it. My sister has had her about 6 weeks now and she has been happy with her and has had no issues tobdate.
  • Debra Schwartz - If you loved "Eat, Pray, Love" read this book!!!!I was trying to save this book for summer vacation reading but the minute I opened it I knew it wouldn't wait. The book has all the right ingredients: relationship issues, childrearing dilemmas, world travel and adventure, plant and nature life, business and money making life, friendships, career decisions, health problems, and more.... All brought to life by the insightful, funny and smart narrator.

    This book is especially for anyone who feels a potential rising inside to go out into the world and experience something else and see where it leads. If you read this book you might become motivated to take steps to a new kind of future for yourself even within the confines of your day to day life.

    If you liked the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert then you will like this book. "The Unlikely Lavender Queen" reads like a novel, I found myself turning the pages to watch the story unfold. Enjoy the book!
  • Justin M. - Works Great!!!Don't buy any of those underarm pads. This product will takes care of underarm sweating! I have tried everything on the market and this work. I can soak any shirt in below zero degree weather so I have been faced with hypothyroidism for quite a while and go through practically a half roll of paper towels a day. For people that have a major problem (like myself), I used this three nights in a row (at first) and then everyother day I either used Maxim or certain dri roll on for excessive perspiration and then certain dry AM for the mornings, everyday. I can now wear button down shirts and do whatever I am doing with confidence. Trust me, I have had hypothyrodism for over 10 years and this is the first time I can honestly say, It work!