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  • Miranda - Seeing is believing.I am a skeptic when it comes to things like this. I do not believe in 'magic pills', and let me tell you - THIS IS NOT ONE. It is not a magic pill that will just make your skinnier or lose your weight without your effort. Before I bought this, I read the negative, and the positive reviews. Many of the negative were talking about how they did none of the work, and only gave it 30 minutes before eating. You're not going to get any results like that. So, if you're looking for a magic pill, this isn't for you.

    If, however, you are willing to take this in addition to something as SIMPLE as walking, you will benefit! I was WAY out of shape, with no muscles, and was in no way ready to run or do some huge boot camp type ordeal. All I have are 3 & 5 lb weights, a step, and a fitness ball. These are all easy, inexpensive utensils to my weight loss. I take my pill at 8am, 12pm, and 4:30pm. I plan to eat between 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm, and 6-7pm. These are my MAIN meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I give it at least an hour to let the pill hit me, and then, when I do, I do not crave any snacks, or any deserts, or anything. I eat smaller portions, and I don't feel hunger for more! THIS HAPPENED THE FIRST DAY I TRIED THEM.

    I am taking the 3 pills per meal. I am eating an hour after taking them. I am working out 'lightly' for 30 minutes. I am eating things like sandwich subs, from pasta (smaller portions), from fish and chicken. I am not eating sweets like ice cream or candy or baked goods.

    You have to be an active participant in your weight loss. If you do, then this pill will work for you. I have been working on it for two weeks. I have lost 12 lbs. AND I AM NOT HUNGRY. (: (: (:
  • Cat Lady "avid reader" - My second order was as great as my firstGreat product. I underwent surgery, and with all the drugs my system was off. Gas, bloating, etc. I started taking this product and things improved dramatically. If you are going to have surgery start this as soon as possible. Make sure to let your doctor know first, of course, but my surgeons said no problem, good idea.
  • Nooorm - Callaway Org14 cart bagReally enjoying this bag. Most of my golfing is done riding and this bag is perfect for that. Easy to load and unload from the trunk of my TL due to the rubberized handle. The bag is large, but feels light even fully loaded. The pouches are arranged so that all are easily accessible when loaded on the cart. I love the individual divider for each club (there are actually 15, which is odd). I have slightly oversized (medium) grips and have no problem getting my clubs into and out of the dividers.

    One small nit is the ball mark template attached the zipper on one of the small pouches. I didn't need it and would rather have had one of the standard Callaway zipper tabs instead. It would have been nice if Callaway had included one in the bag as a replacement. As is, I just have the "ring" attached to this zipper (removed the template) which works fine but upsets the aesthetic a bit.
  • Lauren "laurenmlbc" - a review of The RoadThe novel The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy, deserves a rating of five stars. The author takes traumatic happenings and shows how humanity really is on a day to day basis regardless of situations. He also shows that when times get rough we will not take a chance to help another person, and that sometimes our children are the ones who give us the strength to get through hard times. McCarthy portrayed the events and devastating time of this story in a beautifully poetic way. He knows how to reach out and draw you in. There are times in this novel that you will smile at something the boy says or how much the man seems to care about the boy. There are moments where you will cry, also there are times where you will be scared or repulsed. McCarthy does a very good job with making you feel like you are right there with the characters, going through the exact same thing they are going through.
    No parents dream is to have to watch their children live in a dead world. No parent wants to see their child have to fight to stay alive day in and day out. To have to teach your children what they would have to do if you died, because you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to death each day, knowing that the chances of them surviving alone were very slim, would be one of the greatest fears of a parent; along with having to choose between taking your child's live or just letting him continue to live regardless of how you feel. All of these emotions and tragedies are those of which the man in the novel felt and was forced to live through.
  • Derek P. Gilbert "Author of The God Conspiracy" - The symbol that Dan Brown missedThomas Horn methodically dissects and analyzes the occult symbolism built into the layout, architecture, and artwork of Washington, D.C. and the Great Seal of the United States, concluding that 18th century Freemasons were aware of and influenced by such varied sources as the ancient prophecies of Apollonian sibyls, Egyptian mysticism, Sir Francis Bacon's utopian novel 'The New Atlantis', and the Mayan/Incan calendar.

    With all due respect to the reviewer who found this book to be a rehash of previously researched material, Horn's analysis of the Mayan and Incan calendars in the context of the Freemasonic symbolism suffusing Washington, D.C. leads him to a startling conclusion: the purpose of the layout of Washington, and especially the Capitol dome and the obelisk of the Washington Monument, is to effect a magickal "working" that occultists believe will result in the rebirth of a golden child -- Apollo/Osiris/Marduk/Nimrod -- who will herald the return of his father Saturn's reign.

    Highly recommended.